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Family Home Evening Hunting January 11, 2010

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I am currently working on organizing my ideas for what I think NEEDS to be a part of an exceptional Family Home Evening lesson.  I want to have items that can reach every member of a family – big or small or somewhere in between.  This is a bit of a challenge, but I am excited to see what I can come up with!

I have also been trying to create a topic list that I feel a well rounded F.H.E. kit should cover and am amazed at how many gospel topics there are and how important each one is and how many different ways there are to approach almost all of those topics.  I am still trying to put together my complete list, but we’ll see how it goes as I work towards pulling as many of them together in my complete kit as possible!

I have a GOAL to have at least 12 lessons COMPLETE by Christmas-time this year.  I am a bit nervous about this goal, but I feel good about it and will press forward in faith and good works.  (By the way, the first lesson that I will be completing is on GOALS – LOL!)  If anyone out there finds this blog and would like to throw in with their input, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!  Just leave it in a comment and I promise to at the very least think about what you say!  🙂


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