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Moooove over Lone Ranger, here come some dang cute COWboys July 8, 2011

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Today was ChickFil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day.  We dressed everyone up as COWboys and COWgirls (thanks Jen for the idea).  We were dang cute, if I do say so myself – and I do.  I may even see if I can figure out how to add a picture to this here blog of mine and let ya’all see our herd having fun.  It was a hoot coming up with our western duds and figuring out how to make ourselves cow-ish at the same time.  We managed to come up with fun costumes for everyone – even the baby.  The hubby even wore a sign that said, “Cowgirlz & Cowboyz Eat Mor Chikin.”  We ended up running out of time before I could find the stuffed chicken for kiddo #3 to pretend to be roping, but I guess you can’t have it all sometimes.  Besides, we all had fun anyway.

For those that have no idea what I am talking about… ChickFil-A hosts Cow Appreciation each year and feeds you if you dress like the ChickFil-A mascot, a cow.  The ChickFil-A website puts it like this…

“Dress Like Me. Git Free Chikin”

So that’s what we did.  This is now either our 4th or 5th year celebrating Cow Appreciation Day.  It’s a silly, and consequently fun tradition.  This is the first year (I think) that we have not joined in with any of the Merkling herd, but we still had fun.  This is also our first year being able to stay in Cache Valley while we celebrated, thanks to a new addition of a ChickFil-A in the valley this year.

I love this kind of family fun outing.  Free is always nice, but the prep work together and thinking up how to make it all work and pulling cow leg made of old holey tights is just simply fun – at least when we do it all together.  It may not be a trip to Disneyland or even the beach, but it’s a bit like Christmas… It is SO exciting while you plan and prepare and wrap so many of your thoughts up in it before hand.  You end up having so much fun before Christmas even arrives.  Then you open a dollar store gift from one of your kids and almost burst with joy because it means you are together and they are thinking about you.  You enjoy every minute – even the ones that come after the point of “Are we done yet?” mentality setting in.  Then it is all over and you sigh with the contentment that you just made a memory that is worth so much more than any present that anyone opened that day.  You spent time together thinking about each other and trying to make each other happy.  It just feels delightfully satisfying.

Cow Days is a bit like that for me, but it mini-version.  We spend time for hours, days, or even weeks before hand deciding what our theme will be and how we are going to help each and every person make that work for them in a way that will make them (and the people who see us in our cow garb) feel happy, silly, and upbeat with the fun of it all.  Then we get to spend time together making it all happen – working together on something that is JUST FOR FUN.  We go, we grin, and we giggle.  We enjoys the sideways glances of “What the?” from those we pass as we drive there (you know, from the folks that don’t know) and the huge grins from the people at ChickFil-A when they recognize a family of die hards have arrived to spice things up a bit.  We enjoy the meals and the pictures and the playtime on the playland.  But we sigh at the end of it all, knowing that we just made a memory of time spent together because we WANT to!  Thank you ChickFil-A (bet they didn’t know they were doing all that)!

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Well, there you have it.  And look at that – I got the pictures in here.  Hooray!  Hope you enjoy and Happy Cow Appreciation Day to all ya’all!


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