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Preparing to prepare August 21, 2011

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This is my spot to share any thoughts on preparing for an emergency as well as storing food and anything else I think fits here.  I will start by sharing a bit of food storage-itis background to help you understand my mentality about the vital importance of helping my family be prepared.

I will tell you of an as good as it got method of food storage from when I HAD to think outside of my small spaces box.
My hubby and I were living in a student housing trailer with 4 kiddos!  Where does food storage go in that environment?  All the likely spots – back corners of rooms, under couches, behind doors, above kitchen cupboards, and even covered by a lovely cloth posing as a living room end table.  I was all out of ideas and still had nowhere close to a 3 month supply – let alone any more than that.  Toilet paper and soaps and anything that was not food related as well as my water was even stored under the trailer to allow more space inside for food storage.  All the shoving and re-arranging we came up with still left us out of space, so my husband came up with the idea to create a fake basement.  We could not dig ourselves a basement, but by raising some things up a level, it allowed for storage underneath almost as nice as a basement would have been.  We put our bed up on two horizontal (rather than the taller vertically kind) dressers – one on each side.  We built a tower of food buckets where the old dressers had been and filled the underneath of our new loft bed with yet more food storage.  With all of our efforts combined, we were finally able to manage to achieve that 3-month supply!  Not only that, but we moved it all with us when we left campus last year!

Anyway, that is your quick glance into my mindset on such things, more will follow I sure hope.


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