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FHE Intro. August 22, 2011

Filed under: FHE Corner — katiesblogness.wordpress.com @ 2:10 pm

This is my attempt at offering some of our Family Home Evening ideas to anyone that might be able to benefit from them.  Sometimes I will just point you to someone else’s wonderful work or other terrific resources and SOMETIMES I will actually put on here things that I have come up with in my home, for my family.  It is just sometimes nice when you do not have to come up with ALL the ideas!  I offer these ideas to be used by anyone in their OWN homes or for their OWN families (yes, I am fine with group Family Home Evenings and such).  These may not be reproduced, distributed, or sold by anyone else.  I am too busy right now to offer to make these up for you and sell them as a pre-printed, laminated, colored, etc. lesson packet, but you are welcome to do that for yourself.  Who knows, maybe someday I will have that kind of time and will make tons more lessons and make them up nice and sell them.  Then again, maybe not – I guess we will see.  Anyway, I hope they can help someone and that you can enjoy them!  Happy Family Night!!


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