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I Hope They Call Me On A Mission: Until Then, I’ll Get READY! September 11, 2011

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This lesson was actually put together for a Sharing Time and is based initially on the 2011 Outline for Sharing Time – September, week 3. It is about preparing to serve a mission.  I asked the teachers in the room if they had gone on missions (I knew the answer before hand and knew that we had several return missionaries in the group).  Then I asked if they had needed to do anything to get ready for their missions and let them tell just a few things that came to mind right away.  Then I started into the actual I Hope They Call Me On A Mission lesson plan.  (I apologize that this is not a cute copy of the lesson, but I just ran out of time and decided that I better post it now while I have FIVE minutes, even though I would rather make it cute first – trying for that may just mean that I never post it at all.  Better bland than nothing!)

For the discussion of the various ways to prepare for a mission, I laminated one of the large Elder Banks pictures and laminated it.  I attached another paper to the back with tape – leaving it kind of puffed out at the top and only taped on 3 sides, leaving the top open.  I then printed on card-stock the coins found at EnchantedLearning.  I did not color them or do anything other than cut them out and laminate them – I thought they were way cute just as they were.  Then I taped one of the word strips of how to prepare for a mission to the back of each coin (I folded them in half so they did not stick out on the sides).  I taped the coins up around the Primary room and let the kids all find a coin and share the idea on the back and then put their coin in my big Elder Banks.

At the end of the lesson, I let each child have an Elder Banks Piggy Bank that had a copy of the mission preparation word strips and a tithing envelope and tithing slip inside.  I encouraged then to start now to work toward saving for their missions so they can receive the blessing that will come because of it.  I also strongly encouraged them to always be preparing to be a missionary so that they are living worthy any time Heavenly Father can use them as a mouthpiece – as a full-time missionary or not.


Some handy outside resources follow:

Anyway, I hope you have fun with the lesson!  I had tons of fun making my cute Elder Banks and being able to share it with you.  Ah, the magic of computers.  I would love it if you would let me know what you think or ESPECIALLY anything ELSE that you do to add to this – I am constantly in search of new ideas!  Also if you find I have any typos or anything that I should fix, please let me know so those that use it after you will benefit from your editing skills.  Thanks!  🙂



Like everything else I will release on my BLOG, this is free for your personal use.  In other words, you may use it in your home or church or community in anyway that is helpful to someone; however, it may NOT be distributed without granting acknowledgement of where it was created (yes – I want credit given back to me – and I will always try to do likewise when I use someone else’s stuff) and may not be used or redistributed commercially.  If you want to use it commercially, please contact me first and we can chat.


2 Responses to “I Hope They Call Me On A Mission: Until Then, I’ll Get READY!”

  1. Jessica Anderson Says:

    I have been looking to an FHE to encourage my young children (3 kids under 7years old) to want to serve a mission. But everythin I found was geared more toward encouraging teenagers to do so. until I stumbled upon your blog.thanks! you just made my FHE for my little ones so much easier- and super fun! can’t wait to do this tonight.

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