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A Police Report October 25, 2011

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This post has nothing to do with anything else on this site – other than that it comes from my life.  Feel free to ignore if you want.

So…I am in charge of health and safety stuff for the PTA and ONE’s and TWO’s school this year.  Last month was Green Ribbon week and on October 5th was Walk to School Day (this was a national thing, so perhaps you had kids doing it too).  Anyway, I was not going to be able to be there as the kids walked to school since my first class starts before that.  I was SUPER grateful to find someone willing to take over this activity for me and really handle everything – and she did a great job too!  Anyway, on the morning of October 5th, we all got up and ready for school, hopped in the big-a-green-a-van and headed off.  HUBBY drops me off at the university and then drives the girls to their school.  I asked him to park a bit away from the school so they could “walk” too, take a snapshot of everything, and see how things were going so I could get filled in on what I was missing.  After my class, I immediately called him to see how it had gone.  The report was good – boring, but good.  I did not expect to get hyped up reporting from him, he was still half asleep in his PJs and just getting the things done that he needed to do, but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity until that afternoon.

After school was all done for me that day, I shot an email off to the gal that took over for me to get her report.  I headed off to collect the kids from school before getting a reply.  While at the elementary, I bumped into the Principal and he told me it had been a raging success and he was super excited about how everything worked out and happened.  YAY!  When I got home, I had a similarly glowing report in my email’s inbox from my friend that ran everything that morning.  She was super excited how it had all gone and oozed happiness at everyone’s response to it all.  FANTASTIC!  BUT, she also told me that there had been one creepy incident that morning as well.  UH-OH!  She explained that one of the other ladies that were stationed at the school with rewards for all the walkers had seen some creepy guy in a funky old van taking pictures of a bunch of little girls.  He was looked back and saw her watching him and took off.  Ewww!  I emailed her back about how fully freaky the world really is sometimes, and why would anyone do such a thing? and oh, I hate how creepy the creepy people out there really are!  She let me know that the mom that had seen this all happening reported it to the police.  GOOD!  I was so glad to hear that she did not just sit back and say, “Oh that’s creepy!  I wish someone else would do something about it.”  SHE did SOMETHING about it HERSELF!  Way to go!

After that, I moved on to focusing my attentions on Red Ribbon Week (this week), the fluoride rise program and half a dozen other things and set green ribbons, creepy guys, and walk to school day behind me.  Then today, I got a super weird phone call from the principal.  He asked me if my husband or I had taken any pictures that day – walk to school day.  I thought perhaps he wanted them for the school’s new Facebook page or something.  I was about to say no and then I remembered having asked HUBBY to snap a few for me.  I ran through my brain and remembered seeing one as I downloaded my camera the other day and got to tell him, “Why yes.  My husband took some for me.  Do you need them for anything?”  He tells me he does not care about my pictures right now, but asks if our van is green.  Again I got to give him an affirmative answer.  Then he threw the bombshell, apparently HUBBY was the “creepy guy” taking pictures of little girls (ONE and TWO) walking to school!  And I made him do it!  I started laughing so hard and so did the principal.  He called the police and let them know that he has found the likely bad guy and that all is well now.  I hung up the phone and through my incessant laughter, told HUBBY that he had a police report filed about him!  He looked at me with alarm and that look of, “OK.  My wife has officially lost what remained of her mind!”  I tried to call my laughter and explained the situation to him, then he laughed too.

So, in summary…If your husband has bed head like crazy and his PJs still on, you should NOT send him to take pictures of your daughters walking to school or the police might be the next face you see out the front door window!  LOL!!!


2 Responses to “A Police Report”

  1. Michelle Says:

    oh my gosh that cracked me up!! LOL!!

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