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Counting Things and Sharpies October 25, 2011

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This is not my normal time for allowed blogging, but I had a quick thought to share and needed a diversion from my corporate tax homework for a few minutes before my mind explodes!  This really is a quick thought (at least for me), but I decided to share it even though I am sure many others have already discovered this easy idea.  For a long time I pondered how in blue-blazes I was EVER going to know when/if I ever reached a state of having a true years’ supply stored away.  By the way, I have yet to reach that point, but I WILL someday!  (Please excuse my self pep-talk.)  I am NOT about to give great ideas on how to keep an amazing running count of the stuff I have in my storage.  I have had various systems for that, but that is not where I want to go tonight.


Tonight, I wanted to offer a SUPER easy, quick, and mentally un-cumbersome way to get a feel for how much you need of things.  It can be more involved when it comes to FOOD storage – though similar methods could be used for some of that as well – but this is about the OTHER STUFF.  The T.P. and the dish soap and the DIAPERS.  It was several years ago when I realized I had almost completely ignored that part of my storage because I was focused on my “food storage.”  I now consider it essentially all “my storage.”  Some things you know how much you use because it is painful each time you buy it and so you know how often that happens.  Disposable diapers were on that list for me.  Other things you just use until it runs out and you stick the next one in it’s place, but who knows how often you really have to do that?  I know I sure didn’t!  I mean I would open a big bucket of laundry soap and it lasted for… well a long time I think.  So… I started taking a sharpie with me whenever I opened a new shampoo or dish soap or big ol’ package of T.P. and I would write the date on it.  That’s it.  Then, when that package/bottle/bag/case/whatever ran out, then I knew about how fast we were burning through it.  Take a year and divide by that and… drum-roll… and now I know how much I need for my year’s supply.  I do it again every few years to see how that is changing in my growing family (I just started again – hence this post), but it is simple, easy, and fairly good with accuracy (I hope).


So there you have it.  Nothing earth shattering, but I hope it can help!


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