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Love and Respect November 16, 2011

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Well, thanks to a lost Sunday for the sake of preparing for our program next week, we combined the 1st and the 4th lessons for November into Sharing Time last week.  In essence the lesson ended up being about the idea that reverence is showing love and respect for God and that one way we can show that is by loving and respecting others.  I made a cute sign for the scripture in John 14:15 using papers and images from freedigitalscrapbooking.com (I used her hearts on my handouts too).  I used some images from the Friend to make my jotting/coloring page (or 1/2 page handout version) about how we can show love and respect for God.  I also made a jotting/coloring page (or the 1/2 page handout version) about showing love and respect for others.

This was such a super simple lesson plan that I did not even type it up as a “lesson plan,” but have just jotted it down in a nutshell here.

I used music galore (“Jesus Said Love Everyone” and just about any of the reverence songs – especially “Reverence is Love”) to talk about what reverence is and what it looks like.  I got them right into their scriptures and had them look up the scripture in John and if we had more time we would have also looked up John 13:34.  I only ended up having about 8 minutes to teach this lesson and had to cut some things, but we were still able to get the ideas of showing reverence for God by loving and respecting Him and others.  We did look at some pictures of children praying, Mary outside the tomb looking at Jesus with reverence, and families playing together in a way that is loving and respectful.  Then we talked about ideas of how we can show love and respect to God in the different settings on the jotting/coloring page and that we can show Him our reverence any time, any place.  It is something we carry in our hearts and our heads, not just in our folded arms.  Then we talked about following His commandments is what He said would show Him our love.  Then we talked about His commandment in John 13:14 to love one another.  We talked about how it makes Jesus or Heavenly Father feel if we show love and respect for the other people around us.  In the older group I had them each think of someone they admire and the qualities they have that bring the kids to respect them (they usually show respect for themselves and for others) and to go home and write down one way they could better show love and respect to others.  (This is where we used the second jotting/coloring page.)  I challenged them to all take the time to honestly think about it, decide on one way to improve, write it down and share the experience with someone.  (This fills one of the Faith in God requirements too!)  The smaller kids were just asked to draw a picture of a way that they can show love and respect to others.  We talked about how the feeling and attitude of reverence towards God makes it easier to feel love and respect for others as well.  I did kind of intersperse the songs amidst the discussion, but really that’s it.  The whole lesson.  Like I said, I had to cut some parts, but even with it all included it will not be a super long lesson, but SUPER easy to create good interaction with the kids.

Sorry if that seems super rambled, but it was actually an easy flowing and fun lesson.  It was simple, but the kids got what it was all about!  Hope it can help someone, or at least that the handouts/signs can be of use to you.  Enjoy!

(As always, these things are offered under for you to use however you need for non-commercial purposes.  Thanks!)


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