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Song and Picture Shoot November 16, 2011

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OK – this is one of THE funnest F.H.E. ideas I may have ever had and we didn’t even do it for an actual Family Night!  We just did this on a Sunday evening together (pardon our pajamas).  We were asked to sing “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” as a family in the primary program.  We have been practicing, but some of the kids were struggling with some of the words still.  So I did what any smart mom would do, I Googled the name of the song to see if anyone else had any helpful tips for me!  There were several ideas out there, but none that seemed the right fit for my crew – especially THREE.  I wanted the words with some pictures to be able to help me and HUBBY as well as ONE and TWO with the words, while still helping THREE and FOUR with the pictures (FIVE didn’t really care or count for this one).  In my hunting I had an idea sparked and I decided to run with it.  I broke the verses down and had the family help MAKE pictures to fit each phrase.  I will use the phrase “We are as the army of Helaman” for my example.  There are three verses, so we sing this three times.  I look three different pictures on one or more of us somehow showing the army of Helaman.  One time it was ONE decked out in her brothers’ suit of armor dress-ups.  Another time it was THREE decked out int the same dress-ups and TWO sitting next to him holding a picture of Helamans’ Stripling Warriors out of one of her scripture storybooks.  The kids (and HUBBY and I too) all took turns creating the pictures to help us get this song into our heads.  I don’t think that our pictures are honestly any more helpful than the ones I found on-line, but COMING UP with the ideas for the pictures really seemed to get the kids’ brains wrapped around those words more.  It was SO much fun!  I think we will do this again soon with some other song or a scripture that we want to learn – even if it is not for the program!  The pages I printed of what we created were also a huge hit at church on Sunday as a quiet activity during Sacrament meeting – NICE bonus!

Here are our pages for the three verses. I have included both JPG and PDF versions so hopefully most people can access them somehow.

Verse 1

Verse 2

Verse 3

(Though most of the point of this post if to give you the idea to make the pictures for something with your family, these images may be used to teach in family or church settings if you want, but may not be altered or used in any commercial way.  If you desire to share these with someone else, please contact me first – I am normally fine with sharing my work all you want, but since these are our family pictures, I would prefer them not be all over wherever.  Thank you.)


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