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President Monson Treasure Activity Page February 26, 2012

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I realized today that General Conference is not that far away!  Time sure does fly sometimes!  I decided I should start gearing up for General Conference now, since I don’t really have much ‘weekday’ time to work on it.  I only really have a few Sundays to work with and I better use them well.  Last fall, I started working on some great (in my opinion) activity pages for during General Conference.  I wanted something specific to go along with each of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve.  That way, when that speaker came up to the stand the kids could hunt through their packets, find that General Authority and have something NEW each speaker!  (I am still working on getting permission to put them up here for everyone to use, but so far I have not gotten that “go ahead.”  I used someone else’s great line drawings of the Apostles to make my activity pages, so I need her final approval before putting them on my blog – I hope to have them up for this year though.  We’ll see.)

I made all these fun activities for the Quorum of the Twelve last time, but I just used some of the things that are already available out there for the First Presidency.  I will try to take the time to link up to all of those other GREAT activities next Sunday!  Well, I decided that this time around, I wanted to make my own contribution to what is available to use during the First Presidency’s talks too! President Monson Treasure Notes March 4 I just finished the first one – and it is of course about President Monson.  I am a HUGE fan of allowing space for the kids to take notes (written for older ones or drawn for younger ones or even glued on pictures cut from old church magazines for even younger ones) during Conference – especially during President Monson’s talks.  This fun little sheet has four “pieces of treasure” in which the kids can put their notes.  The idea stemmed from Natalie Houston’s post on Sugardoodle.  It was an idea she offered to go along with one of the March topics for Primary Sharing Time, but I am totally going to use the idea for a General Conference review session this time!  I am so excited!  Go check out her idea and you’ll see why I’m excited. 🙂  Anyway, after getting excited for this new idea for a post-Conference wrap-up, I decided to make my President Monson printable go along with the treasure theme.  That way the kids can already be thinking in those therms before we ever start F.H.E. the day after Conference.

Now I feel like I have taken that first step toward gearing up for Conference!  Hooray!  I can’t wait!!!

President Monson Treasure

I have posted the PDF here, but if you would like me to also post the Inkscape vector image, I’d be happy to do so, just drop me a note and I will throw it on here too.  Like everything I make and post here – please feel free to use it for your family, friends, or wards.  Please do not redistribute this though.  I am very happy to share it with anyone you would like to share it with! Thanks for playing nice!  🙂


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