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Amos 3:7 February 27, 2012

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Last Sunday was my turn to teach in Sharing Time. I was supposed to help the kiddos learn Amos 3:7.  Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.I was also supposed to do an activity to show the kids what it is like to follow a prophet. The Prophet knows things the rest of us don’t know. If we follow what they tell us, then we are blessed to be following Heavenly Father. I decided to take the idea a little different direction than the outline covered because we tend to always be super short on time for the lesson. I couldn’t figure out how to do the active part of the lesson and go through the scripture too. Jill Revelli (of Hatch Patch Creations) shared her idea on Sugardoodle for how to present the scripture. I really liked her idea and spun my method from there.

In a nutshell, I made signs for each section of the scripture (6 total – each section sign can be found at the top of this post by clicking each section of the scripture).  I arranged them very scattered on one side of the board, with the scripture reference hung in the center at the top of the board.  In Junior Primary, I explained that we were going to learn a scripture about prophets, but that I needed help.  I explained that my scripture was all mixed up.  Then I read the the scripture, pointing at each piece as I read that part.  Then I asked them if they thought I needed help to fix the scripture.  Of course they said yes!  Then I had two kids come up.  One got a blindfold on (really I used a fleece scarf, but I wanted my daughters sleep mask – naturally it was lost Sunday and unavailable – the fleece worked just fine anyway).  The other one was told that they were going to pretend to be the Prophet.  I asked all the kids if (enter child’s name here) is really a prophet.  They all said no.  Then I re-emphasized that they were only going to PRETEND to be the prophet for our activity.  The blindfolded child was going to be someone trying to follow the prophet.

I told our pretend President Monson that they needed to help the other child to re-organize the scripture to get it in the right order.  I asked why the blindfolded child needed help. “Because they can’t see,” came the excited response.  I asked how the child playing President Monson could help the other child organize the scripture.  What does President Monson need so he can lead us?  He needs to have revelation (I pointed out that picture page from our scripture on the board).  I asked the kids what else President Monson is sustained as at each General Conference, and his counselors and the Quorum of the Twelve.  They looked at me totally blankly.  Then I told them we sustain them all as prophets, seers, and revelators.  I held up my Cheat Sheet version of the scripture and said that the pretend President Monson could help because they could SEE what the other child needed to do.  I told the kids that President Monson sees what we need to know too.  Then I set my two helpers to work.  Once they got one page moved into its right spot, we only had just a couple of minutes left to try to learn the scripture, so I thanked my helpers and re-emphasized the principle of following the Prophet who can “see” what Heavenly Father wants us to do while I finished getting the pictures in order.  I turned it over to my husband (see my explanation at the end) and the primary chorister to help the kids learn the scripture.  We ended up with only about 2 minutes and they did not memorize all of it, but they had the first half down and a good idea of the point of the rest.  Then I shared my testimony and they headed off to class with a copy of the scripture (with a coloring book version of President Monson on the back).

In Senior Primary, I focused on the idea that President Monson can be told what we need to know right now. and reminded the kids that General Conference is coming up soon.  I also pointed out that the noise made by the group, while our “President Monson” was helping the other child get things fixed on the board, was a bit like the noise of the world that sometimes tries to get in the way and keep us from following the words of the living prophets.  Sometimes it seems too hard or other people try to convince us the Prophet is wrong, but he is the one that can “see” in ways that we can’t.  Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us a Prophet to help us keep our lives “in order.”  It was a wonderful moment for me as I shared my testimony with them and I felt the Spirit testify to them of the reality and importance of living prophets.  It’s one of those moments when I love teaching in Primary!

One of the cool things that happened in getting ready for this lesson came from Chris, my husband!  He is our pianist in primary right now (how fun that is for me!) and I told him I wished I thought he had time before the lesson to make up a song to help the kids learn the scripture.  I told him this completely unrealistic wish on Sunday Morning – the Sunday of the lesson!  He went and got his shower and came out and told me he had a song for me to use.  I almost fell over!  It was so much fun to have him write a song and then be able to use it to help the kids (especially the little ones) learn a new scripture!  It kind of reminded me of the Article of Faith songs – some different timing, but just enough to get it stuck in my head.  (It was not quite as strange as some of the Article of Faith songs though – I love them, but really some of them are weird.)  He has allowed me to share it with you, which is even more fun for me!  You can follow this link or visit his GitHub repository for the LilyPond source code.  I hope you can have as much fun with his song as I did (though that would take a lot)!

Please enjoy!  Remember, all material shared on my blog are for personal or church use – not commercial.  Please play nice.  🙂  The pictures used were either created by me or came from lds.org.  Have fun!


3 Responses to “Amos 3:7”

  1. By the way, I appologize to anyone that saw this before it was finished or had any of the files attached. I wrote the start of this last Sunday, but did not get to finish before sleep overtook my sanity. My sweet sons hit “publish” on Monday morning and I didn’t even know it for quite a while. Anyway, it’s all here now and I hope it didn’t confuse anyone TOO badly! 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    That is so neat!! And how fun that he is the pianist 🙂

    • Katie Says:

      I LOVE having him in there with me! It is so fun! It can get funny switching around the baby though when it’s my week to conduct or teach, but really it usually works out so terrific!

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