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Conference Game Plan April 1, 2012

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OK – I feel like it’s the last inning already for getting myself prepared for General Conference, but here I am without so much as a full blown game plan.  I have some vague idea, but still need to organize myself.  I shall attempt to do so here and now!

I am going to start with the things that are going to be for EVERYONE first and then take on the things that are just for specific groups.

For starters, I wanted to try some things a bit different this year.  Last year I had some kids that wanted to play bingo every session – for me it got old and without everyone playing, it felt not as exciting or something.  I decided I wanted to have one game per session – but each session had to be something new.  Thanks to dozens of good blogs out there and ideas that have been openly shared, I think I know what I want to do for each of the four sessions.  Now – just to give an idea of how badly I go over the top on these things – I actually have TWO games per session.  I wanted my big kids to have some more focused time and the younger ones to have more focus on good, quiet playthings.  For now, I am going to list the everyone games and then I will list the ones that are MORE geared to my littler ones.

Saturday Morning – Conference Bingo!  If we didn’t do this right off the bat, I would be facing some serious revolt issues with the troops!  They wait for this for SIX months and I had better not ask them to wait ANY longer than that.  🙂  I have used many, many different Bingo boards over the years, but my recent favorite (I think it’s because it grabs the attention of the wanna-be scrapbooker within) is found at LDS Handouts.  We have used them before and there are 5 fun and different designs!

Sunday Afternoon – We are going to try an idea I saw via…? I can’t even remember anymore who directed me there, but I love the idea!  It is the picture Conference Wall!  It came from the beinglds.blogspot list of great ideas.  I think it will be fun for EVERYONE!  (I almost used this version by chocolateonmycranium, but decided to keep it more simple for me this time around.)  Now to find the best/easiest General Authority cards…

Here are some other activity pages I have printed – I will look at them all lined up and then parse them out between sessions/speakers…

For ONE and TWO, I will include Arie Van De Graaff’s General Conference recap available as a PDF on Sugardoodle.  I will let them decide when/how to work that in, but I hope it will be a good one for them to review one more time.

I like fluffybunnyfeetdesigns‘ first two full activity sheets (4 of the 1/4 sized sheets) especially!  I think it will be great for ONE and TWO, but I printed an extra one of the Armor of God page for THREE!  This whole idea is adorable, but I am only printing the first 2 pages.

I loved the General Conference notes pages at theredheadedhostess.com!  These are very similar to what I had in mind to make for ONE and TWO.  I think that for TWO especially, but really even for ONE still, I would have left part of it for a picture or some kind of activity section on each page, but these are very, very close to what I was wanting.  I just sent this one to the printer and I am so excited to have it, even though I didn’t have time to make the one I was hoping to make!

I think I will not follow directions exactly, but I like Cornelia’s Kids’ idea about a Lego temple.  I am thinking one small baggie per boy or the whole big bucket to share.  The catch is I can’t pre-assign this to a specific apostle since it has to be while FIVE is sleeping.

I have not decided for sure if I am going to print this one for Conference or not.  It is about King Benjamin from on http://musiclyblau.blogspot.com/, and it is ADORABLE!  I want to use it, but I am thinking it might be better for next times pre-conference FHE lesson.

I really wanted to do these great popcicle stick puzzles, but I am not sure time is with me on this one!  I will have to see how it goes.


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