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I LOVE General Conference! April 2, 2012

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Well, I have to share something that happened to me yesterday.  For those that are new to my blog or who don’t know much about me, I am starting a business with my amazing Hubby while going to school and raising our five amazing little people.  So, when I say I had no time to finish what I wanted for Conference, I mean I ignored my homework all week to try to get some financial work done for the business so we can try to get the funding we need to keep things moving along, I pretended it didn’t drive me right up the wall that I did not get to clean my bathroom before our company came on Friday night to stay for Conference, I spent every night this week either at something for my school or for the girl’s school, and I needed to put in 3-5 hours a day (or more a couple days) to work on materials for our website that we need to get up this next week.  I don’t list those things to make anyone feel sorry for me, I love what I do, but I sure wish some days have 42 instead of the standard 24 hours in them!  After only doing what I did last weekend (AKA not nearly as much as I wanted to), I was super disappointed!  I was SO excited about the stickers I made in the computer for THREE, FOUR, and FIVE (I even gave a few to ONE and TWO, just for fun), but I had not even managed to print the darn things after I made them!  I also had this super cute train engine and ONE car ready to go for THREE and FOUR, but seriously – ONE car was not likely to get us all that far through an 8-hour running of General Conference!  (Plus, as I found out AFTER posting it here on my blog, there was a typo on the train car to boot! It has now been fixed, BTW.)  In other words, I wanted to do more for my kids to prepare things for this to be an amazing weekend for them and open the ability for me and the other adults on hand to have a chance to listen, rather that referee the whole time.

Sorry, I am sure that seems like TMI for most of you, but I really wanted to share the miracle that I was given.  For most people I am sure what I experienced would be written off as coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidence generally speaking.  If not coincidence, then it would at least be considered unimportant, but for me it was an offering of love and support from my Father in Heaven at a time when I needed to feel His hand touching my life.  So here’s what happened.  After my kids were snuggled up in their blanket tent that spread all over our Sunday Room (my kids term for our Living Room), and the guests were hibernating in their room, I started working to at least try to print out what I DID have already prepared and sort through the things I had previously printed.  I bought each of the kids 3-ring binders this time to try to keep things together, without shredded 2-pocket folders mixed in.  I wanted to have each child’s collection of activities – including scissors, glue, colored pencils, etc. before we started Conference.  I started working.  I had slept so little this past week that I only managed to get things mostly printed off, but nothing organized.  I had, however, also managed to create a tanker car for on the boys’ train and so I went to bed content with what I had tried to do.

Well, Saturday morning, I got up and did not get dressed.  I came out in my PJs and immediately started the rest of the printing that needed to happen and thought, “Eh, I want to at least try to finish getting train cars ready.  It would really make a difference for THREE and FOUR.”  So I tried.  I already knew that since I was only going to ask the boys to specifically take notes on the 15 prophets, seers, and revelators, then I could make three different cars and have 5 of each kind of car.  I already had a box car and a tanker car had been made on Friday night, so all that was left was the coal car (of course).  I started working and it came together super fast.  I started plugging the different leaders into their spots on the different cars and saving things in a host of file formats.  Then the printer started to churn like crazy.  My printer has been spastic at best lately and I took it as a huge gift that is just kept working and working for me – it actually printed better than it has in at least a couple of years!  The biggest blessing though was as the time was getting closer and closer for Conference to start.  I kept checking the time every 5-10 minutes, but the most unusual thing kept happening.  the clock kept not moving forward.  I was able to accomplish what would have normally taken 1-2 hours in that 10 minute window!  I was even able to get everyone’s individual Conference packets (their new binders, that is) ready by the end of the second song – before the first speaker!

Now, on that note, I must conclude for tonight.  I have spent SEVERAL hours tonight editing the typo I had originally been propagating in my train cars (I had spelled “match” as “mathc” originally).  These same images took me less than 10 minutes to create a third of them yesterday morning!  I know God loves me and that His hand is in my life.  I feel so grateful that He was willing to bless me with help in something so silly and “unimportant!”  I wanted to get all the rest of the new train cars up tonight, but I have got to sleep now.  I have two tests next week, a whole mess of a lot of stuff for our business, and activities to coordinate for kids during their Spring Break.  In other words, I should have gone to bed hours ago, but I am going to go now even though I have not posted the other train cars yet.  Good night to all!  Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my meager offering!  🙂


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