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We are Super Stars! September 17, 2012

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The last topic for September’s Sharing Time was covered today for us.  I was WAY slow at realizing that I was in charge for today and felt a heavy dose of chicken-with-my-head-cut-off syndrome.  I naturally hit the Internet to see if I could get help coming up with some great honesty scenarios or any fun images that I could use in some way.  What I found was initially discouraging, but I ended up feeling really blessed.  I found two things on momonshare.org that helped a ton!  The thing I wanted more than anything was some already prepared stories, since I did not have time or mental capacity to make-up my own at that point.  I found a group listing of a bunch of ideas and found what I needed listed under July of this year.  It linked to a Friend Article from 1975!  It had the perfect scenarios for me!

The next thing I found came from the fabulous Chris Gunn.  It was an image of the “10 Commandments” – or at least some stone tablets that worked for what I wanted.  I used them and threw them in my favorite image editor, Inkscape.  I ended up making one to hang on the board that had both of the commandments we were talking about (ie, the one about lying and the one about stealing) on it and the phrase “I Should Respect Others.”  I made smaller versions with only the one phrase on them that I them taped the scenarios on the back of.  I left one of the smaller tablets without a scenario on the back (I’ll explain why in a minute).

As I was preparing in my VERY limited time frame, I knew I could NEVER cut out enough stars for my whole primary in the time I had.  So I quickly made up a sheet of stars that each said “I am a Child of God” on them.  These could be run off and simply hacked into sixths in the library after I got to church.  I realized that I REALLY wanted to get across the idea that each kid REALLY is special.  I asked all the kids to raise their hand if they had ever seen a movie with an actor that they thought was super good or a highly talented sports player or had heard an amazing singer or met someone that was simply the coolest kid in school.  Eventually each hand rose.  I told them we sometimes call those people “Super Stars.”  I asked the senior primary for some examples that were “Super Stars” worth looking up to.  I was thrilled when they listed Jesus, the Prophet, and the Bishop!  (I had worried that some of the squirrlier ones would go ‘other’ directions with our discussion!)  Then I asked them how they would treat a “Super Star” if they had a chance to meet one.  They used a variety of ideas like “great,” “nice,” and “with respect.”  I told them we were going to talk about some extra special “Super Stars” today.  Then I had every child raise their hand to help me figure out who our “Super Stars” for today were going to be.  Then I told them every person with a raised hand was today’s “Super Stars.”

Then I paused to ask the teachers to pass around the “Super Stars” that I had the library run off and cut for me, along with a roll of tape.  In Junior, I asked the teachers to tape them on the kids and in Senior I told the kids they could do the same or slip them in their scriptures as a reminder for themselves (none of them chose to wear their stars, which I kind of figured). I read them (in Senior primary, I had one of them read it) what was on the stars.  Then I read them a quote from President Uchtdorf.  It is from “Of Things That Matter Most,” October 2010 General Conference (which of course made for an easy opportunity to remind them that Conference is coming soon).

“Learn to see yourself as Heavenly Father sees you—as His precious daughter or son with divine potential.”

I love opportunities to tell the kids how much Heavenly Father loves them and this was a great chance to do that!  Then I asked them to look around them at the other people in the room.  I told them how Heavenly Father thinks each of them is a “Super Star” too.  I asked them how they thought Heavenly Father would want us to treat His other “Super Stars.”  After getting a few answers, or when someone mentioned “with respect,” I would show them the sign of the 3 commandments we were talking about today.  I told them that those commandments are just two ways, that they already know are good, to treat others with respect.

Enter the game!  This was as simple as it gets for a game.  I laid out all of my smaller versions of the commandments – the ones with the scenarios on the back and the one that didn’t have a scenario all together.  They were laid so the kids could only see the front side of the papers, not the scenarios tapes to the back.  Then I drew a name from our flower pots (our method of making sure all kids get turns offered to them).  That child picked a “commandments” and I would read them the scenario and asked them what they thought should happen now and what the results might be of various choices.  If they picked my one blank paper, then they got to pick any teacher in the room (except me) and go into the hall and come up with their own idea of a scenario.  I think the “think of your own story” was my favorite part and the kids that got to do it, loved it!
Then I again shared my testimony of how much Heavenly Father really does love them and that I KNOW He really does see each of them as amazingly special!

And…here are the PDF files of my printables.

I am a Child of God Stars

I Should Respect Others 10 Commandments

I Should Respect Others 10 Commandments Mini

As always, the materials posted here are for only personal or church use – no commercial use is OK. The background of the “Commandments” pages can be found at THIS link and is by Chris Gunn.


26 Responses to “We are Super Stars!”

  1. Kim Says:

    Thank you for providing your PDFs. SO very helpful!!

    • You’re so welcome! That’s the main reason I started my blog in the first place. Seemed like if I was gonna do the work to make something fin, I wished it could benefit more than me and my one lesson in Primary. So glad you can use anything on here – as simple as some of it certainly is! Thanks for dropping a note, it made my night after a long-ish primary presidency meeting. 🙂

  2. Nancy Wilson Says:

    Thank you for your ideas.
    How do I link to the scenarios that you found?

  3. Julie Says:

    Wow, thank you SO much! Please know your efforts and time are greatly appreciated. This is so helpful!!

  4. Donna Says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome sharing time. I love the super star idea. Using this for this coming Sunday. Your efforts pay off. 🙂

  5. Miranda Says:

    Oh thank you so much for this post! I have been on vacation for two weeks and it’s my turn to do Sharing Time so I feel a time crunch as I put my life back together after vacation, plus it’s Ward Conference and so I will have our Stake Primary there. no pressure 😉 Anyway, thanks for the ideas, this has made my stress level go way down!

    • LOL that sounds a bit like me, but fortunately I did not have Ward Conference too. I just had major time crunch from 2+ weeks gone and then realizing that it really was my turn to teach on SUNDAY MORNING! Not a happy feeling. Hooray for a late church time! Glad I could help in your crunch time and hope it goes well! 🙂

  6. Becky S. Orr Says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Due to a long and crazy week, I JUST realized this morning that this WASN’T the 5th Sunday week (I am give lots of time to our chorister for this 5th Sunday to get ready for our program)! You have really saved me this week! It is thanks to awesome-creative people like you that make us crazy-disorganized people look good! YOU WILL SURELY BE GREATLY BLESSED!

    • That is why I do this. How many gazillion times has someone else’s stuff saved my disorganized tail? Too many to count. That was why I was so stoked last Sunday to stumble on Chris Gunn’s image and a link to some pre-written scenarios I could use. I seriously didn’t know until Sunday morning that it was really my turn to teach. I thought I was hosed for sure, but thanks to the Internet and a touch of guidance I found the helps that I needed. I am so glad you can benefit too! I am blessed! I am blessed to have so many amazing people to learn from and receive help from. And I am blessed to live in a time when I can share my work and help someone else too! Thanks for your super sweet note – you seriously made my day. Plus I got an honest to goodness all out laugh when I read your comment about you not being organized, as if I am somehow organized myself! HA! I needed a good laugh today, so thank you a ton! 🙂

  7. MarySue Says:

    Your talent and efforts are so very appreciated. May you be blessed for the help you give me and many others.

  8. Thanks so much for the stars!!! I was dreading the thought of cutting out dozens of stars for my sharing time tomorrow. I really appreciate you sharing the printable!! xo Sarah

  9. I love Hatch Patch Creations (on hatchpatch.com). But Jill Revelli posted on SugarDoodle a link to her lesson that took the star idea to a whole new creative level! Here is the link. http://www.hatchpatch.com/sites/default/files/sept_week4_sharingtime.pdf Her stars are super cute and she had some other great ideas that I may use when I repeat this someday as an FHE with my kiddos. Just thought ya’all might like to be redirected to some additional great and fun ideas for this lesson. 🙂

  10. Jillian Says:

    This is AWESOME! Thanks so much!

  11. Brandee Says:

    Thank you so much! You are an answer to my prayer.

  12. Kristine Says:

    Really appreciate you sharing your printables. So helpful!

  13. Elayne Harmer Says:

    Wow. You are a lifesaver!! I am new to Primary, and tomorrow is my first Sharing Time. Thank you so much for all your ideas!!

    • Welcome to Primary! It makes me giddy that I could help out a newbie! That first one is so intimidating, but it’ll be fine I’m sure. I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Just relax and remember they will likely not remember your lessons, just your love and your testimony of God’s love. 🙂

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