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Like Duh! September 21, 2012

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So I realized something today that should not have surprised me at all.  Sharing Time lesson ideas are more useful to people if I post them BEFORE most people will be doing that particular Sharing Time!  Originally, the point of my postings of Sharing Time ideas was not really for the sake of helping other primary folks, but as an open digital FHE files box.  I figured that if something worked for Sharing Time for some topic, then it would work later as an FHE for the same topic.  I have done several FHE lesson swap groups, but never have time to make up all the colored, cut, laminated, etc. lessons to swap about, but I could do this.  But this week made me realize that there is no need to wait for a couple years to re-use one of these lessons for FHE, they can be used right now by other primary teachers!  SO COOL!  I still like my original idea, but I am getting super excited about doing better with preparing my lessons ahead enough to be of use to others in the here and now too.

So to all those new to my blog, welcome and thanks for dropping by!  If you have other ideas that would add to my own ideas here, please drop me a comment.  Then I and others can learn from you as well!  I love collaboration – it helps us all be more than we are alone!


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