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The Priesthood Blessings for All October 17, 2012

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So, we are kind of goofy in our lesson configuration right now.  We had to kind of split and combine some of the October lessons – to take 4 lessons and fit them in 3 weeks.  So what I did today was a fun and wonky combo lesson, but I HAD to share my visual aid!  We essentially talked about how the priesthood blesses all of us and 6 ways we get to be blessed by it.  Then at the end I told them – using GAK pictures as I went – about Jesus coming to the Nephites, praying with the people, calling the children to him, and then blessing them ONE BY ONE.

I had an especially fun time with my visual aid making this time.  I had fun because I get to immediately re-use it as a file folder-style game.  The kids will have fun with it I hope.  The small umbrellas are on there because we used them to put by each of the pictures of all the ordinances that I had stuck up on the walls of primary.  Each umbrella meant, “The priesthood blesses EVERYONE.”  We found some examples for how each of those 6 things could bless the Priesthood holder as well as others involved.  I asked the kids to share their own experiences with those Priesthood blessings as well as sharing some of my own.  I used our chorister as my example a few times because the kids think he’s awesome!  He and his wife JUST had their first baby, so talking about how he could be blessed by the Priesthood and so could his wife and their brand new daughter was super fun and made sense to the kids.

Each time it was time for a new topic, I picked a child to come match one of my small people to the one on the board and then read (or in Senior primary, had them read) what was written on that little character’s tummy.  Then I gave them an umbrella and had them give it to a child that had not helped us yet.  Then that child could go put the umbrella by the picture that matched that item.  Every time they put up an umbrella we repeated what the umbrella was reminding us about the Priesthood.  I would say, “And the umbrella reminds us that the Priesthood…” and the children would finish my statement by saying, “…is for everyone!”  It was super simple, but we had fun and I HOPE learned something.

If anyone wants to use this for a file folder game, but would rather have a bit more space between the pieces and be rid of the extra little umbrellas, let me know and I will make a second version of the pieces paper.  Otherwise, have fun and you can just ignore the umbrellas if you don’t need them.  Have fun!

Priesthood Blessings for All – Board

Priesthood Blessings for All – Pieces

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4 Responses to “The Priesthood Blessings for All”

  1. Claudia Says:

    This is a very cute idea, Thank you for sharing!

  2. […] on her being there this week – LOL.)  I loved being able to easily pull things in from last week’s lesson and build on them for this week’s lesson.  I used my same “people” images that […]

  3. Maylay Says:

    such a cute idea!! thanks for sharing…

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