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My Ancestors and I Need the Ordinances of ther Priesthood October 22, 2012

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It is SO fun to teach two weeks in a row!  (That is not the norm in our Primary, but the President had her baby during Sacrament Meeting and we were lucky to have not planned on her being there this week – LOL.)  I loved being able to easily pull things in from last week’s lesson and build on them for this week’s lesson.  I used my same “people” images that the kids all recognized.  We talked about who receives the blessings of the priesthood (using the umbrella as a reminder that those blessings are for EVERYONE).  My word-strips of the different ordinances needed to return to Heavenly Father included one that is blue.  It was a different color because only the boys need to receive that ordinance.   But we stopped and talked about (again) that everyone gets to be blessed because those boys receive that ordinance.

I started by doing a quick “pop quiz” about last week to refresh what our topic is (the priesthood) and who gets blessed by the priesthood (everyone).  Then I asked them why we needed the priesthood.  I put up a picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus on the blackboard.  (I was SO excited to finally find one of just Heaven;y Father and Jesus in one of the picture packets for one of the classes – it looks like the image of the first vision, but is just cropped in on Heavenly Father and Jesus, rather than the whole scene.)  Then I drew a stick figure person down and to the side of the picture.  I asked the kids how we can get back to live with Them again, since we are removed from them There in mortality.  I got some great answers.  Then I explained we also need the ordinances of the priesthood to make our way back to live with Them forever.  I put the word-strip up on the board about “I Need the Ordinances of the Priesthood” – I placed it kind of off to one side of the board.

Then I put all the ordinance word-strip “steps” up on the board – connecting the stick person with the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus.  I also lined up, in random order, a picture to go with each ordinance.  The only ordinance that seemed foreign to the kids was the temple endowment, and so I explained that the temple endowment was for one person and temple sealing was for joining families together.  I wanted to find a picture of a couple outside the temple to use for the temple sealing picture, but couldn’t find one.  I ended up using a picture of the Washington D.C. Temple for that, since it is where HUBBY and I were sealed (I told the kids that is what it meant for today).  I used a picture of the Salt Lake City Temple for the endowment picture.  I placed all the pictures in mixed up order and then called a child up and would read the first step to them and have them find the picture that was about that ordinance.  They would then put that picture in the spot it belonged in – trying to order the pictures in the same order of the steps.  Then I would choose another child and do the next step and next picture.  After we had all the pictures in order, we reviewed them one more time, following the order of the pictures.

After that, I showed them a picture of my Grandpa and my Grandma Mildred.  I told them their story.  Grandma Mildred was not a member of the church, but eventually joined.  She and Grandpa had been working really hard to get ready to go to the temple to receive those temple ordinances.  But then my Grandpa got sick.  He was too sick to go to the temple and so they waited until he could be well enough to go.  Unfortunately that never happened.  My Grandpa died and he and Grandma Mildred were never able to make it to the temple together before that happened.  I asked the kids if they thought Heavenly Father would want to still bless my Grandpa and Grandma Mildred for working hard to prepare and be worthy to receive those blessings and ordinances.  The kids were all sure Heavenly Father would still want to bless them.  So I asked them how that could happen.  A few blank stares and a short pause of silence were followed by me showing the kids a picture of a baptismal font in one of the temples.  Many of them recognized it immediately after having gone recently to the Open House for the Brigham City Temple.  Then I saw light-switches going off in many of those young minds.  They made the connection and I let one of them that seemed to have a brightly glowing light-bulb of understanding hanging over their head explain to the rest of the group.  If they did not include that all ordinances could be performed for someone that had died without receiving those blessings, then I would cover that.  The kids did a great job of explaining it though – I was impressed.  After explaining that it is possible for those that dies without that opportunity to receive those ordinances, I put up the last word-strip about “My Ancestors Need the Ordinances of the Priesthood.”

Time to color!  The Junior Primary especially loves to color.  I had the library run both of my coloring page printouts for me.  They ran them with one image on the front and the other on the back of the paper.  I handed them out with crayons and had the junior primary turn to the side with two lines of writing (since most of them can’t read to know that it said “My Ancestors Need the Ordinances of the Priesthood”).  I asked them to draw a picture of someone in their family that had died without those ordinances that might still need them.  Or if they did not know of someone like that in their family, they could draw my Grandpa or Grandma Mildred.  I was not sure they would get this activity, but I was joyfully surprised!  One of our Sunbeams told me about a Grandma that did not get to be baptized.  One of our CTR 6 kids said that all of his family that he knew had been members of the church and he didn’t know anyone that would fit in with this activity.  His teacher and I talked to him about people that lived before the gospel was restored or lived in places where they don’t get the opportunity to learn about these ordinances or receive them for themselves.  We invited him to maybe draw a picture of someone that might not have been able to learn about the gospel.  I heard many other similar conversations going on in all the classes.  It ended up a great opportunity for the kids to ask me and their teachers some really great questions!  After some coloring time, I had them pause and told them they could finish what they were coloring and color a picture of themselves on the other side of the paper later – perhaps if they had extra time in class, they could do it then, or they could do it when they got home.

I have learned that some (though it is a fairly small group) of our Senior Primary are stink-bugs about coloring in primary, so I decided to take a different approach with them.  I let our chorister take some extra time with that group this week and was running short on time anyway, so my different method seemed best all the way around.  I showed the kids the picture and told them they had two choices of what to do with it when they got home.  I told them that they could do the same thing that the Junior Primary did with it as one option.  The second option was to take the side about “I Need…” and write on it things that the Spirit helps them feel like they need to be doing to prepare for receiving those ordinances.  On the other side, they could work with their parents – or even on their own – to do some family history to find out about some ancestors that did not receive those blessings.  Or they could even learn about how some ancestors that did receive those ordinances had prepared for those blessings.  I have no doubt that many of those papers went home to the ‘scrap paper’ pile, but I hope that my 7-year-old was not the only one that took them home and spent time thinking about how it relates to her personally and writing about it for herself.  At least, they seemed to be more receptive to the ideas and to take a moment to think about it a bit at least.  I REALLY wanted to get WAY more into the genealogy aspect with the kids, but simply did not have enough time.  Oh well, I will spend the week working on our business and on Geungle as my way of furthering the genealogy side of things.  Since I challenged this kids to come up with ways to help themselves or others receive those blessings, I needed to come up with my way to help too.  So, I will work extra hard to further Geungle this week.  Yay for a blog where I can write my goal for myself down!  Anyway, there you go – my lesson in a nutshell!  I hope some of it can be useful to some of you.  🙂

I Need the Ordinances of the Priesthood

My Ancestors Need the Ordinances of the Priesthood

Need the Ordinances of the Priesthood Word-strips

Priesthood Ordinances Word-strips

As always, what I provide here is made available for your personal home or church use.  Please no commercial use of any kind.  Thanks! 🙂


10 Responses to “My Ancestors and I Need the Ordinances of ther Priesthood”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your lesson plan! I really needed the help this week!

    • So glad my uber simple lesson was helpful! Hope it is a fun one for you and the kids. 🙂

      • Sylvie R. Says:

        thank you for your”uber simple lesson”, it’s exactly what i was looking for! Less is more when it comes to a lot of gospel topics. Your lesson is my way of teaching, but with better questions and pictures!

      • You’re welcome and thanks! We often over complicate the beautiful simplicity of the gospel. That is true for when we are teaching the young ones or us ‘old folks’ too. Fortunately, the Spirit is the best teacher and when we teach what the Spirit directs, we are always teaching the right things in the right ways.

  2. elyn sanchez Says:

    thank you for the people outline coloring pages. so much nicer than i would’ve been able to come up with all on my own.

    • No problem! It’s nice when computer software makes it so easy to use my same little outline person in a dozen different ways – super fast and super easy. That is THE biggest reason I started sharing that kind of stuff here. It can be blasted hard to some up with sometimes and if I’m going to go through the trouble, I hate to be the only one to get to benefit from it. Somehow it seems like such a waste that way. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  3. Christie Says:

    Thanks so much! I suddenly realized I am in charge of sharing time, and this was just what I needed.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful lesson! You are so talented, it went great and I really felt like the kids understood it well. I even had a cute little 9 year old come up and thank me for my lesson afterwards, said he really liked it. 🙂 Don’t worry I didn’t take any of the credit, it’s all yours! Thanks again for sharing.

    • Sorry to be so slow in responding to your sweet comment Jessica – I’ve been locked out of my blog for a while. I am so glad it went well for you – it makes me so happy to hear. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and let me know how it went! 🙂

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