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Transparency and Forgiveness October 26, 2012

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After posting earlier.  I was referred by a friend to something truly amazing for me to watch.  It was amazing in both positive and negative ways.  Even if you didn’t take the time to watch the earlier video from the other post, this video is worth the time.  I will not write a whole lot, because I would rather you watch the video, in the scant time you may have, than to have you read all of my rambling thoughts.  But I want to write the two things that struck me most.

1. The man being interview, talked about how he was open and transparent.  He asked, so profoundly to me, why can’t the government people involved be transparent too.  I have the exact same question.  Why?

2. We do need more heroes.  Not just heroes like this man’s son that gave his life for our country and for fellow countrymen that were in need of his help.  But we also need more heroes like this father that is willing to put his trust in God, find peace in such a hard thing, and open his soul to forgiveness.  That kind of hero seems to be in short supply and needed more than perhaps ever before.  I am entirely inspired by his desire and willingness to forgive.

(Here is the written link if you prefer.  http://www.glennbeck.com/2012/10/25/updating-glenn-talks-to-father-of-navy-seal-killed-during-assault-on-libyan-embassy/  There are two parts to this video and the second half is down at the bottom of the page.  The video kind of confused me as it started playing the second half, but I had not scrolled down and hit a play button.  So I was hearing it, but the image I had been watching was then frozen in the last shot from the first half of the video.  Just a heads up so you don’t get confused too.  Scroll down as the second half starts playing.  Sorry, I couldn’t get the actual videos to show up on my blog itself, but the link should work just dandy.)


2 Responses to “Transparency and Forgiveness”

  1. Gigglebox Says:

    I heard this man talk on Glenn Beck’s radio show. I didn’t get time to watch the whole interview. But I am so thankful that Glenn Beck is covering this stuff and I am trying to do my part by telling family and friends and blogging. Glad to see you are too.

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