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What’s Going On: Investigation in Benghazi October 26, 2012

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Warning: Political rant ahead.  Read at your own risk and choice.  I decided I had to post this publicly because I am shocked to have heard so few people talking about this.  I realized that if I don’t speak up, then I can’t act surprised that others are not talking about it either.  I also need to add the caveat that I have really not fact checked most of what is contained in this video and I would normally do that prior to posting, but I am afraid I shall have to leave the fact checking to others this time so that I can get back to work.  If you find faulty “facts,” please be so kind as to inform me of them (hopefully in a courteous manner).

I walked away from watching this with a few thoughts.

First – How is it possible that I was only the 35,875th person to view this!?!  Perhaps it is because this is Fox News, which many people  completely and utterly discount as worthless drivel because of it’s tendency towards a right-leaning bias (which may be right some times, just like the same is sometimes true of many of the left-leaning media outlets).  But whatever the reason, it makes me wonder if Bret Baier’s comment will turn out to be untrue.  He said, “This much is certainly true, it’s an issue that is not going away soon.”  I fear that because the Obama campaign uses Romney’s push for answers about this issue as some kind of example that he’s a louse or whatever, that the Romney campaign may not choose to push it as much as it needs to be pushed.  I am pretty dang sure that Obama’s folks would much rather see this issue die – at least until after Nov. 6th.  Honestly, pretty much no matter what else is found out about this issue, it all carries negative connotation points for our current President’s campaign.  And I guess I wouldn’t blame them for not being hyper excited to talk about this a whole lot because of that.  But the way it already feels like it is being swept under the rug to keep people comfortable really bothers me.

Second – Why are we not, as the American people, demanding answers.  Answers right now.  I think Porter Gross, former CIA Director, was right when he said, “Bad things happen when you avoid reality.”  Well, bad things did happen and now, because we as a people are more willing to avoid offending someone or causing a stir, we shut our mouths and no one forces accountability or honesty.  I almost didn’t post this publicly because of that very reason, and then realized how hypocritical of me that would be.  So here I am, exposing myself to the censure of the Google+ community for saying that I am not satisfied with simply avoiding reality.  And throwing the intelligence community, the Secretary of State, or the President himself under the proverbial bus is not good enough for me.  I want real answers.

Third – There are simply too many questions that have never been addressed and answered.  The administration seems to act like it is all fine that they told the wrong story for two weeks because their investigation was underway still.  I guess I don’t see why there was enough information to go about condemning a movie for causing it all, but there was far too little information to call it a terrorist attack.  What data were they looking at?  If you don’t want to watch the whole video (I get that, time is a precious commodity), then take a gander at about 24:28 or so at what the Secretary of State said and then what the current White House Press Secretary said.  They did have information to suggest it was more than a protest gone awry over some obscure video that almost no one had seen until it became the focus of the White House’s condemnation.  I still want to know where the information about it being in relation to a video came from.  I also want to know why the President and his advisors of various levels only seemed to get only those memos that related to a movie and none of the ones related to terrorists.  What is going on here?

My biggest question is, why are we not diving full force into finding answers to all of the questions?  Not just the inside guys that are paid to do the digging for those on Capital Hill, but the investigative reporters out there (not just Fox please) or citizens that want real answers.  I think it is the researcher in me, but I simply can’t see it as appropriate to simply say, “I guess we’ll never know.  It’s too hard to find the truth.”  I simply have a very hard time accepting that as the end to this.  Those 4 men that died deserve to have the truth discovered and those responsible for what happened – here and abroad – be held accountable for their actions or their inactions.

And after writing what I just did, I decided perhaps I was wrong.  Perhaps this is not being shoved summarily out of sight.  So, naturally, I Googled “Benghazi attack” to see what was being said more currently.  The following quote is part of what I found and it makes my blood boil (yes, a bit over dramatic, I’m sure, but I did do a lot with drama in school, I’ll blame that).  On a CNN site it said,

“Next month, the Democratic-led Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a closed hearing in Washington to review the security situation and intelligence surrounding the Benghazi attack, according to a committee announcement released Thursday.
The hearing, not open to the public, will review intelligence collection and threat reporting in Libya and other Middle East countries before the September 11 attack on the U.S. mission as well as what was known and who is responsible for the attack, among other issues.”

NEXT MONTH!  You’ve got to be kidding me!  A closed hearing that the public will not be able to access!  Seriously?  That is simply not good enough for me and I would sure think it was not good enough for the American people.  Well, I have done my part and I can only hope and pray that our country cares about truth more than about election season!

Here is the video’s link: http://youtu.be/MIAE6vLct-0 if you want the actual link instead.


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