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Articles of Faith Teaching Helps November 17, 2012

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I do not have any new wonderful things I have made to post today.  This time, I went out to see what was already was out there.  I have been up to my eyeballs with a project for my kids’ school and had no time to get creative for myself this week as I prepared for Sharingtime.  (That is ironic since the project is all about creativity and arts in the school, but sometimes their art is more important!)

I knew I had seen several variety of printable Article of Faith learning aids, flashcards, posters, and so forth.  I headed to Pinterest to see what I had already found and then to do a broader searching for what everyone else had pinned.  There were TONS of things.  I am not going to list them all here, because that is the point of Pinterest, not my blog.  I am only going to post a few things here – and those get to be here because they are the ones I already have decided to use.  I will also include how I plan to use them.

First – what am I going to use in Primary tomorrow?  I am going to use these wonderful images put together for another primary.  Thank you to the Rochester 3rd Ward Primary and their blog for sharing these collages!  I honestly picked theirs for two reasons.  One of those relates to the First Article of Faith only.  I LOVE the way they chose to show the Holy Ghost.  They didn’t try to do some kind of wonky add-in of some kind of portrayal of the Holy Ghost into the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, but instead added a separate picture of someone receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost instead.  That felt so much more comfortable to me somehow.  The other reason is about the overall method they used.  They included all the words and a whole bunch of pictures that I think will help me as I try to go over some of the meaning of the more unusual words especially!  I am SO excited to use these tomorrow!

I am also going to do the opening activity in the SharingTime outline with the hand shaking thing, but I plan to do it as the kids come in and let them sit and wonder on where my insanity is taking us this week during the opening exercises.  As I greet the kids, I wanted to give them a missionary name tag or a thing that said “I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” or something like that.  I was going to make one, but decided to look and see what missionary tags look like before trying to make my “Katie-ified version.”  Well, that is when I stumbled upon these printable and awesome missionary name tags.  They are awesome!  Plus there are three different styles and I am SO excited!  I am going to use the ones with the white strip at the top so that I or the kids or their teachers can put their name on their tags.  So excited that it’s ridiculous!

I saw these ingenious puzzles that are about each of the 13 Articles of Faith and I decided I wanted to print them and make some new fun magnet pages for my kids to have during Church.  Since I am out of Card Stock at the moment, I thought, “Hey, after I use the images I am printing for Primary, I can put them on the back of the puzzle page to make it a bit more stiff before I laminate them.  I am going to do them up a tiny bit smaller than full sheet size so I can slip them into page protectors in one notebook for at Church.  Then, the kids can look through and see the picture reminder help pictures and do the puzzles to help them remember and learn as well!  I may not print these up just yet, because there are a couple of the puzzles that I wanted to tweak a bit and I may try to do some extra cutsy-ing up of these puzzles as well before I print them.  If I do that, I will be sure to post my new puzzles here.

Next comes my pick for making a cute and fun new mini-book for in our Sunday collection.  I have made up cute ring books with old Mormonads and have wanted to make a new one or two of some new topics or things.  The 13 Articles of Faith seems like a great new one to make up.  I am going to use these simple, but super super cute Article of Faith cards on the back side of each page.  I needed to find just the right front side for the cards though.  I am currently debating 3 options for the front.  There are these ones, that happen to be the ones that our Primary has hanging on a side wall.  I like that they seem to really help with remembering the number of each Article and some of the fun ideas on the various pictures to help with memorization.  I am not such a fan of their attempt to include the Holy Ghost in the image for the first Article of Faith, but I really like a lot about this set.  Number 12 has got to be my favorite I think.  It just makes me grin and I am not even sure why.  🙂  The second possibility for the front images for my Articles of Faith book is this set.  I think the fairly youthful drawing/cartoon-ish style is endearing and adorable.  I am not sure about how they depict Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.  Somehow those images make me think of my girls when they have done dress-ups with ridiculously silly and entirely unrealistic beards.  So to apply that thought to images of Deity seems taking the cartoon-ish-ness too far somehow for my.  I am sure that if I didn’t initially think of those mental images of my girls with beards, I could so be into this cute set.  But, honestly, I’m not sure I can get past those first mental images.  The third option, and the one that sounds the very most fun to me, but is the very least likely to happen at the moment, is to make my own set of fun images.  I would love to spend time on such a delightful project!  Unfortunately, I am hoping to make this book as a Christmas present and see that very much less likely if I decide to make my own pictures first!  Ah well, that decision will be delayed for now, but either way I will try to remember to take some pictures of what I do and post them here for anyone interested.

The last one that I want to do something with is geared towards my older kids.  I saw these super fun fill in the blank wordsearch pages for each Article of Faith and I fell in love with them.  They are not super fancy or all kinds of dolled up or anything like that (though the super fun font for each title is darling), but they will be SO fun for my older girls!  I think that what I am going to do is print them and trim them a touch.  Then I think I will add a little bit of bling-y scrapbook-y touches to each page (mostly to make each one a bit different from the others).  Then I am going to do them back to back and laminate them.  Again, I will trim them to fit into sheet protectors and add them to the same notebook I mentioned for the magnet pages.  Then the girls can use dry erase markers and go to town on these fun puzzles!

I am getting super excited to make some of these things and put them under the Christmas tree for my kids!  I will post the end products and results here as I get them done.  (At least I will IF I do actually get them done!)


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