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Random-ness, Resignation, and Relief January 27, 2013

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RANDOM-NESS first!  After all – I love RANDOM-NESS (for those that have not caught on to that yet, I’ll just point it out for everyone’s fair warning)!  So, I have been locked out of my blog for almost 2 moths I guess, with one brief stint in the middle where I was actually able to get in for ONE evening!  It feels SO good to be back!  I have about a billion things that I have wanted to be adding here, but have been too crazy to tackle trying to get my account sorted back out.  I have a feeling this will be a year of Sunday bursts of RANDOM-NESS from me and very little else – at least for this semester.  I don’t mind that at all, but I hope that I don’t overwhelm anyone on Sundays when it’s a day to have several things all burst out on here all at once. 😉

RESIGNATION?  Really that’s a word that can be used in two different ways – and I mean only one of them, though the other could be applied in the other way as well here (sort-of).  I have been officially released from my calling in our Ward’s Primary presidency.  I did NOT hand in a RESIGNATION or ask in any way to get out of primary, but I am RESIGNED to my fate.  I actually feel quite at peace with the release.  There is a sense of RESIGNATION about missing the kids terribly and missing hanging out with HUBBY on occasion when I wasn’t teaching and he wasn’t playing and missing seeing my kids learning and missing feeling the Spirit by teaching amazing things…..  Fortunately, the new presidency is AMAZING!  And I feel like this is exactly what the Lord had in mind for me, so I’m OK with things.  I got officially released two Sundays ago (while I was out of town – of course).  Then, last Sunday, I gave my binder and “stuff” to the new 1st Counselor and left church early.  And, no, I’m not going inactive after being released.  But, another RANDOM-NESS is that my grandmother had a stroke just over a week ago and I went down to see her in the hospital after sacrament meeting and passing off Primary materials to my replacement.

I however didn’t make it out of the church before getting caught by the Executive Secretary and being sent to see one of the Counselors in our Bishopric!  I went in and, sure enough, he had a new calling to extend to me.  I was nervous about what it might be – especially since the new Primary President has been serving as our Activity Day Leader and I have class when the girls have Activity Days and it’s too late to flip my class schedule (yes, my mind went there – though I’m not sure if that makes me weird or rather normal).  Fortunately, the calling extended to me had NO particular weekday time requirements.  Hence, I felt great RELIEF!  I am the new building scheduler.  It will be a fairly easy job to do.  It will almost completely be handled on Sunday’s.  And it will be interesting to try to move our scheduling from the paper calendars hanging in the foyer into the on-line system that is now available through the church’s website.  It will be interesting, especially since I will actually have to maintain both methods of building coordination.  It will be a challenge in that way, but a minor one and one that I can take on at my own personal pace and time availability.  Yes, I do feel RELIEF to know that the Lord recognizes that this full time semester of mine, mixed with our five kids, and our bitty business that we are trying to speed up Miracle-Grow-fast, might not leave me a whole lot of time or room to be super busy with some heavy lifting calling.  I know that He could have blessed me to handle it all somehow if He needed me to, but this particular time, I am so grateful He is not asking it of me.  I sure do feel blessed!  Plus, I am really excited to go back to RELIEF society again!  I love, and have missed being with, my fellow sisters!

I will have fun posting non-Primary specific ideas here on my blog as well for now.  I have LOVED being able to receive and share so many wonderful Primary ideas with so many incredible ladies, and will miss that as well.  I hope that I can still receive ideas and share ideas, just not so tied to the specifics of the Primary outline.  I am SUPER excited to pull together something for our Family Home Evening for tomorrow night and hope I get the chance to throw that on here as well.  Just in case I don’t get that far, I fully and highly recommend that if anyone needs an idea for something to study, they might want to consider the talk by Elder Christofferson called “A Sense of the Sacred.”  It was our topic for Relief Society today and I learned absolutely amazing new things from it, even though it’s only been about a month since the last time I studied it!  And now, I need to head to bed so that I can conquer everything that lies in store for my day tomorrow.  Good night all!  🙂


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  1. So, I mentioned I might put up my lesson that used Elder Christofferson’s talk and I did. You can find it here https://katiesblogness.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/a-sense-of-the-sacred-in-the-midst-of-a-farytale/

    Enjoy! 🙂

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