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A Little Pre-Conference Survey March 10, 2013

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Conference CenterEach time General Conference rolls around, I try to come up with something new to add to my collection of ideas and things for my kids to do. My goal = keep them fully engaged in Conference in ways that hopefully help them to learn something from the speakers and the Spirit, as well as to build a tradition and habit of listening to the prophets and apostles. I sometimes even feel like it’s working! Now that I have this blog of mine, I have another goal. I want to be able to share some of the fun (or serious) things that I create for my kids to use. I can’t tell ya’all how thrilled it makes me that someone else can use my funny little printables to make Conference an experience to remember and enjoy. I hope that the things I create can also make it a bit easier on the parents to be able to listen and learn from Conference!

So, with that in mind, I decided to ask. Is there anything that YOU (whoever you might be) would enjoy for your little people or not-so-little people for Conference? I make no promises of being able to pull it off, but I am so very excited for some new ideas! I have one thing that I know I want to work up for this April’s Conference, but beyond that my creativity juices are feeling a bit stunted by midterms and papers (bleh).

Either way, bring on the General Conference preparations! I love it! πŸ™‚


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2 Responses to “A Little Pre-Conference Survey”

  1. Hi Katie – My cute niece has a great idea for keeping her kids engaged in the Conference talks. CANDY!! But here is how she does it – she gives each of the kids a notebook page for each session. Then she decides on 2-3 words (Temple, sacred, family, scriptures, etc.) that the kids need to listen for in each talk. The kids listen for those words and then writes down the word and the name of the speaker who’s talk the word was in. At the end of the session, the kids get one piece of candy for each word AND speaker name written down correctly. She tried just having them make a mark for the word but it got crazy so she added the speaker’s name. It was fun!!

    • Oooo – I thought I’d tried every variation on candy as an incentive, but this is a new one to me. I really like this for my older girls especially! Thanks Kris! Plus, I’m glad you commented, not I have a link to your blog – so fun. πŸ™‚

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