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Laces for Love March 10, 2013

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Laces for Love Pink Alright team! I am hereby calling to anyone that is able and willing to help some incredible friends that are trying to add to their family through the miracle of adoption! They are having a fund raiser, called Laces for Love, in order to finance the adoption process. They receive money for each pound of shoes they gather! I am slow in getting this here on my blog, but there is still time left. They will be having their drive ending on April 1st. But before you decide if you should help them by de-cluttering your closet floor or not, let me mention that they have drop off sites in a bunch of different states, and there is always the mail!

I’d like to take a few moments and tell you why I felt SO much like I needed to post this to my blog. The mother in this family, Amanda, is a truly inspiring woman. Her good husband, David (he’s still Dave in my mind), is one of those people that you can’t help but like because he is simply and genuinely nice – to everyone! I met them both when we were at school together in Virginia. We all sang together in the choir at our tiny college. Old friendship aside, I wanted to post this on my personal blog because of what Amanda did for me after I lost my baby last fall. You see, she lost one of her own sweet babes, though hers was already a smiling, shining part of their everyday life before his unexpected passing when he was so young (just under 20 months). I went to her after my baby died because I knew she had felt the full range of grief over the loss of her son. You see, she shared her journey – the hard, the sorrowful, the growth, the moving forward. Not only did she share her journey, she managed to build up all of us that were privileged to learn as she shared that journey. I don’t know how she managed to lift others while going through such grief, but she did! She truly is an inspiration to me! Several times right after I lost my sweet little one, I told myself – sometimes out loud to add emphasis – “If she could make it through her son’s death, when he was so much more a part of her every day, every moment, life, then I can make it through this.” When I didn’t want to talk to anyone yet about what had happened because I couldn’t deal with the raised eyebrows or quizzical looks about me mourning for a baby lost before I even got to hold him, I went to her, because I knew she could and would offer genuine empathy and support. And she did. Not only that, but she helped me feel strong enough to take those first steps forward afterwards. Posting a little blurb on my blog can’t thank Amanda enough for her example and support, but I truly hope that their family is blessed with the ability to add to the warmth of their love through the power of adoption! If you want to know more about this incredible family, I suggest reading through their post about why they are looking to adoption and introducing their family.


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