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I LOVE Sugardoodle!!! March 19, 2013

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I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone, but I LOVE Sugardoodle! They have so many WONDERFUL ideas for all kinds of things that I have needed help with. I just visited again to see what they had that was new for General Conference this Spring. Holy cow!!! I am absolutely in love with the fantastic new Conference packets they have made up (in multiple languages, by the way)! If you need something for the older kids or teens in your house, these new packets are incredible and beautiful – I can’t WAIT to get home and print them off for my oldest two kiddos!

Another fun blurb to throw out, I enjoy the fun ideas on Serving Pink Lemonade. They often have the cutest fun ideas! I love that some of them are even simple enough that I actually have and take the time to pull them off. They just posted some super fun and way simple ideas to go along with General Conference. I am SO excited to have a paper airplane race between sessions on Saturday! I think we will let Hubby do the bread making fun with the kiddos between sessions on Sunday. Plus, I am SO going to use some of the other ideas to keep us all having a blast together while HUBBY is at the Priesthood session on Saturday night!

Go, check these out if you want some extra ideas to add to your collection. PLEASE share with me any other great places I need to look but maybe haven’t visited yet. Happy Conference preparations! πŸ™‚


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