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Independence Day Reflections July 4, 2013

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I don’t often write things here on my blog that I initially share on social media, but after having a friend, that I look up to as a force for good in the cause of freedom, asked me to share my thoughts more broadly than I had, I began to reconsider that choice. I have also considered taking all political (or even possibly politically construed) posts off my blog all together. Most of what I post is fun crafty things, silly ramblings, thoughts about motherhood or challenges with it, religious lessons and contemplations, or other random, but generally not politically minded thoughts. I know that means my readers likely come from those random and not super politically oriented realms most of the time. Also, because much of my religious, and even sometimes my crafty things, relate to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints, I do not want my political rantings or ramblings to be taken as representative of the Church or it’s doctrines. HUBBY would call that statement too apologetic, but I do this blog as an outlet for myself and as a way to reach beyond myself and serve someone else. I didn’t start this as a political effort. However, I realized again today that if I want people to speak up for goodness and hope and faith and God in our country, then I darn well better be willing to do so myself. I love my country. So, from here on out, I am going to try my very best to stop apologizing for sharing my political views in the mix of all the other hodge podge on MY personal blog. If I say something that offends you, please consider why it offends you and feel free to share that with me respectfully. I will gladly discuss as much with you – also with respect. I will not set out to offend, but rather to call truth where I see it.

Now, as to the thoughts I shared earlier that my friend suggested I share more openly, they related to a post by another friend. You can find her post here (and other great stuff – especially if you happen to be a book junkie, as she’s an author that I am dying to read a book from). But as for my words, here they are…

Perfect thing to start this Independence Day with!

I loved this comment especially, “there is great work to be done to preserve the traditional values of this great nation: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Now to just figure out how I or we can work towards preserving something so worth preservation. That is what overwhelmed my thoughts as I watched fireworks last night. Normally my eyes mist over as the music and fireworks roar the calls of patriotic pride in my heart. But last night, I realized just how far we have really pushed away from many of those ideals and as they sang “God Bless America,” my heart was filled with it as a yearning prayer. And a prayer to understand what my part should be in helping Him to do that.

Last night was a night filled with worry over rather than pride in my nation. One of my favorite songs at this time of year is Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American.” We sing it at the top of our lungs as we slowly drive away from the fireworks show each year. But last night it was one of the songs they played along with the fireworks. As he sang the line “But the flag still stands for freedom, and they can’t take that away,” I was filled with grief rather than pride. It was a painful and new experience for me. Then the tears flowed. Not filled with pride and gratitude. Rather filled with grief and worry. The flag may still stand for freedom to me, but it seems that each day – each and every single day – that more and more the flag is being turned into a symbol of something much less holy. A symbol of no responsibility. A symbol of hate. A symbol of anything that does not in any way relate to God. A symbol of conceit without willingness to work to be worth of anything.

I do wish our nation and all of you a happy Independence Day today. But as I celebrate today I will be thinking more about how I can help God bless this land to remain what she was designed to be more than about hotdogs and watermelon and fireworks and salt water taffy. And I do pray, with my whole heart, that God will continue to bless America and that we will start working to become more worthy of such blessings as a nation once again.



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