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The 3 Bee’s of General Conference September 30, 2013

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PNG fileI can’t believe General Conference is THIS WEEKEND!!!!! I am so excited. I wish I could post a video from church on Sunday of ONE. She could hardly stay in her seat in church on Sunday when it was announced that there are some tickets available to attend at the Conference Center! It was a riot! We may/may not be able to go, but I was thrilled to see that level of enthusiasm for General Conference coming from my 10-year-old!

I realized that I have not contributed anything new this year and wanted to add something. Our Bishop (Jason Lambert – thanks, BTW Bishop) spoke at the end of Sacrament Meeting this week and shared The 3 Bee’s of General Conference. Now, he might have spelled it “be” rather than “bee,” but I just couldn’t help myself going fully into flying honey maker mode on this FHE lesson prompted by his talk. I am sorry to be posting it so late today, I had hoped that perhaps a few out there might get to use it this Conference, but if not, there’s always April! πŸ˜‰

I have to throw one family note in here before getting to all the files. We went over this in our FHE tonight (of course!) and it was actually HUBBY’s turn for the lesson. BTW – I get the impression he was quite happy to let me be the one to create this and then use it for his lesson – hehe. But he started the lesson by asking the kids if any of them remembered what the Bishop had talked about in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. THREE raised his hand so eagerly that I was a bit surprised and wondered if he was serious or if a silliness was on the way. I was thrilled when he said, “Praying!” Then FOUR raised his hand almost as excitedly and blurted, “Be there!” At this point, I was trying to heft my jaw off the ground as THREE again raised his hand and declared – no hesitation in any of this mind you – “Taking notes!” I almost fell over and the part that wasn’t falling over, simply wanted to cry tears of joy! They had been listening! Really listening! WOW! They managed to remember the ideas of ALL 3 of the Bee’s! Some moments simply are too good to be true, yet when they are true, it just makes a mommy’s heart burst with love, joy, and a bit more pride than probably should be there! Way to go my little men – thanks for making this one of those amazingly happy mommy-moment kind of nights! ❀

Anyway, enough bragging from me. Now on to the files…

I have included a Lesson Plan, a The 3 Bees of General Conference Sign, a Bumble Bee Hive Sign, and two different note sets. There is oneΒ Bumble Bee Notes page that is geared towards families that might have some that need to draw their thoughts. The other set is ofΒ Bumble Bee Notes for Writers that has lines on it for families with folks that would prefer to just write their thoughts. I am also including the PDF file of my little funny Bumble Bee, in case anyone has some other brilliant idea and just wants the bee to add to it.

Enjoy! And happy General Conference!!! πŸ™‚

P.S. I have updated the files from when I first posted them an hour or two ago. I threw them on here before any of these had even come off my own printer yet and after they did, I realized I didn’t like how the Beehive sign came out and had to come and tweak it a bit. It was looking more like a child’s rings stacker toy than a beehive – LOL. Plus, HUBBY pointed out that I forgot to give credit for the idea of this lesson to our Bishop in the lesson itself. I thought I already had done that, but I had only done so here on my post itself. Credit has now been given in the lesson as well. So, if you were one of those few people that happened to see this before those changes were made – and you were fast if you did! – you are welcome to the revised versions or you can enjoy your ring stacker looking beehive to your hearts content. πŸ˜‰

Bumble Bee Hive

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8 Responses to “The 3 Bee’s of General Conference”

  1. TT Says:

    THANK YOU! I love this.

  2. jlambert Says:

    Love it! Nice work and glad you and your family enjoyed it πŸ™‚ thanks for the kudos.

  3. meticulouslyclean Says:

    Adorable. Love that the kiddos are listening. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Marla! And me too! It’s those rare moments when you realize it’s really worth hauling them into church on Sunday and asking them to sit still – they just might actually learn something! I know they don’t all the time, but I’ll just keep this time in my thoughts on those rough Sundays when they seem to have a bad case of the wiggles. It’s worth it, it’s worth it = my new mantra. πŸ˜‰

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