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Better Late Than Never! October 4, 2013

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party1I am sitting here – yes, at almost 11:00 the night before General Conference – trying to print out and organize some things for tomorrow. The funny thing is, is that I know I am not alone. There is a magic thing on a blog (something I never knew existed before last General Conference really). It’s called a stats page. It can tell me how many people have viewed my blog and what they were here to see. It has just made me giggle today to see that I am not the only one that has not got her everything together yet as those numbers of visitors looking for trains or paper dolls or whatever all else (essentially exclusively Conference oriented) has continued to rise and rise tonight. So I say to all ye other folks trying to gather activities at this point in the game, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!!

Let’s just throw a party! Wouldn’t that be fun! To gab with each other as we all hustle about to print that one magical activity page that will work wonders for one kid just when they are starting to be overtaken by a mad case of the ants-in-their-pants bug – just when a speaker starts hitting on something you knew YOU needed to hear. I almost always print WAY more than I can logically need for my kids during Conference. But, hey, that’s what makes our Sunday bag such a delight the six months following – Conference leftovers become great Sacrament Meeting quieters. I was actually hitting the print button with such speed tonight that I may have literally just blown the motor on my printer. HUBBY is working to see what he can do with it, but somehow the very prospect made me laugh tonight. So, however you do it, whatever great things you find, from wherever you find them, thanks for letting me play along a little. It makes me feel less lonely in my last minute preparations. 🙂

And, with that, I bid you all a happy General Conference filled with the Spirit, fun, and peace! 🙂

This image is compliments of OpenClipart.org and Cyberscooty – it’s called Party 1.


3 Responses to “Better Late Than Never!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your “contagious” excitement about our wonderful conferences and celebrations! It truly is a delight to read your comments on Google+, and your blog-articles.

    • Thanks! I have certainly enjoyed getting to know you and so many other incredible people over from Google+. Enjoy Conference!!! And I really do get excited. I’m glad you appreciate it rather than wish to just have me hush up all ready. LOL 🙂

  2. ning fathia Says:

    Hi Katie, Thank you for downloading the Christmas printable on my blog. Yes they are free and on Google docs, I have spent years trying to find an easy to use, free document uploader (and sharer), I think I’ll stick with Google docs, Thank you for your input! and have fun playing!

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