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Rewarding Glad Hearts this Summer May 29, 2014

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20 FLRFYI am SOOO excited about these!!!

We don’t pay our kids an “allowance” ’round here. They have lots of jobs they can do to earn money and I post extra ones on our job board when there are special things they can do. But generally helping in our family is something that is expected without needing to be paid for it. It’s how I was raised and is something I wanted to continue with my kids because I feel like it helped me understand the need to help and to do it just because I love my family, not because I am getting paid for it.

While I was struggling to survive motherhood, nursing a baby, entrepreneurship, and going to school this past semester, our house was COMPLETELY falling into a pit of ridiculous messiness and simply becoming filthy dirty. Yes – I said FILTHY DIRTY. I mean, ewwwwww kind of dirty! We decided it was time for the kids to step up a bit and each do ONE job each day in our home. We assigned everyone but the baby – including HUBBY and I – ONE specific job to do each and every FLRFYs Have Big Heartsday (except for on Sundays). ONE does a load of dishes, TWO is in charge of maintaining order and tidiness in the kid bedrooms, THREE folds and puts away one load of laundry, FOUR takes out the trash and recycling if they are in need of it, and FIVE is our jail boss and puts stuff left on the floor in jail. Jail is a big plastic bucket – and she was assigned this because almost everything left on the floor is her stuff anyway. Tricky mommy moment! This way she will actually clean it up to avoid the jail for her things! SCORE!

HUBBY and I each have to make a meal ON TIME (not our strong suit lately!). I am also responsible to wipe down our kitchen table/counters thoroughly at least once each day and wash and dry at least one load of laundry. That may seem like no biggie to most homemakers, but for us, this is major improvement! Major! In part, we wanted to do this to have the kids SEE what it looks like when they do or don’t take on their work and responsibilities well. We wanted there to be a way to reward them – allowance free – for doing a great job, but even more for doing it with a great attitude! My kids will, with VERY few exceptions, eventually do what they are asked to do, but not always promptly, without hours of harassment from me, or with a good attitude.

Enter… Glad Hearts!

Glad Hearts 10We are rewarding kids for doing what they should when they do it with a GLAD HEART!Β  We have had a “family store” before, where fun prizes, treats, coupons for activities, and all sorts of randomness could be bought with whatever our current reward method. This time, we will re-introduce our family store, but everything will be bought with their Glad Hearts! The kids are SO excited and so am I. Glad Hearts are also used to bail things out of prison – which is hysterical to watch. If someone else has to do a job for someone else, then the person that got out of their job, has to pay the other person for doing that for them. It also helps me TONS with the things I tend to forget – like reminding kids to brush teeth – and with things that I can’t always remind about – like getting up and dressed and ready on time. We are loving this and having a ton of fun with our bright and cheery Glad Hearts.

I decided to share them because part of the reason we made up our own money was because I have had a tough time finding cute printable money online. I have wanted it for more than one thing before now and I always end up stealing the Monopoly’s money or something like that (which makes playing Monopoly a whole lot less fun – LOL). Anyway, I thought I’d throw it here for fun and for anyone else that has needed play money for something and couldn’t find any they could or wanted to print. I hope it can be fun for someone else like it has been for us!

(I’ll have to give the fun story of the cute characters in the middle of each bill later on, but we sure love our adorable FLRFYs!)

Set of Glad Hearts => 1s

Set of Glad Hearts => 5s

Set of Glad Hearts => 10s

Set of Glad Hearts => 20s

Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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Glad Hearts and FLRFYs by Katie’s Blog-ness are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

I traditionally do not include the “no derivatives” portion of the use license, but since these actually belong to my children, I do not want the FLRFYs themselves altered. You are however welcome to use the FLRFYs or our Glad Hearts in other ways or modify the Glad Hearts themselves, just not changing the actual FLRFYs. Thank you! πŸ™‚


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