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Peace in My Tempests March 3, 2015

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Here are some thoughts I jotted in my journal after watching a Bible Video that struck me in unexpected ways today. These thoughts are simply my feelings, but they struck with so much new light today that I really wanted to share them even though I don’t have time to really edit them or tweak them to be anything more than my rambled thoughts. Hopefully they offer something worthwhile in your day anyway. 🙂

First, here’s the video…

Or you can find it here too.

Now for my thoughts from it…

He was likely tired! Everyone was always needing His time and attention and He likely wound up like most mothers – sleep deprived! Perhaps, as He climbed onto the boat where His friends would be busy and there were no other crowds around to bother him, He might have thought that He might actually be able to catch a few moments of sleep on the boat. Peaceful sleep!

Surely He did not sleep so deeply that He was unaware of that raging tempest. However, He surely knew that He was safely within His Father’s hands and took peace in that enough to sleep anyway. I have to be able to do the same thing in my own life. I can’t sleep through the struggles, but I can be at peace – that kind of peace. I can turn to Him and have Him calm my troubled heart just like He did those waves.

He was so willing to provide the peace His apostles wanted and yearned for. All it took was them asking for His help. I’m sure they did wonder why He didn’t seem to care that they were all going to perish, but He cared about every aspect of their lives and worries. He just knew better than they about how Heavenly Father was protecting them. Really, while they were all worried and stressed, they only got a bit wet. That might be uncomfortable, but it’ll dry! Even with a sail that gets tattered, that can be dealt with! It is NOT the end of HOPE!

For me, today my worries seem so small compared to the fear of drowning in the sea during a storm, yet they are too often enough to shake me from the kind of faith that I know I need to have the kind of peace He desires for me. I need to cling to Him and the incredible strengthening and enabling power of the Atonement. I must trust in the path that Heavenly Father has set before me and go forth without faltering to debate the wisdom in His will. I KNOW He loves me and that is enough for me to trust that in His all knowing light, the path He sets me on will indeed be what will most effectively help me prepare to return to Him someday as well as bring me joy here through my journey. I WILL have hard things. I will likely have hard things that stretch me to my absolute limits, but that is where I will grow to become more and more like the woman He wants me to be. Why do I face that grudgingly? He has shown me these truths SO many times, and yet I still sometimes forget. No wonder the word “remember” shows up as an important command so often in the scriptures! Well, today, I AM going to REMEMBER!

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