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72-Hour Kit Camping for Conference March 26, 2015

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72-Hour Kit CampingMy 72-hour kits are decidedly in a state of unruly-ness and are surely ill prepared to be of any use or value to anyone at the moment. Our norm is to bust out our kits between Saturday sessions of General Conference, swap out ill fitting clothes, pull out and eat for lunch and as Conference snacks the foods that need to be rotated, and try out one or two or three of the dry pack meals that we have chosen to keep in ours. (They have a mega long shelf life and are a bit pricey so we don’t rotate them every time.) We also try to add SOMETHING, even if it is super simple or seemingly unimportant, to our packs each time.

I love this method! The biggest reason I love it? It helps me remember what otherwise gets relegated to the leftover room in my brain for getting done stuff that needs it, but never get contemplated. This way, we actually sort of keep our 72-hour kits with edible food and clothing that fits my fast growing kids. PLUS it is simply a super fun activity between sessions! My kids love it!

The one big fat major drawback is trying to get everything pulled back together, restocked, and put all away after the fun and games happens between sessions. Unfortunately, skipping a Conference (or perhaps 2 or 3) in the last while left my kits a simple mess with whole children (my baby) not even having a kit at all! Plus, then I ACTUALLY managed to bust everything out last Conference and go through everything. The problem is that I did not get any of it back into the packs that day. Then life happened (why does it always keep doing that? LOL) and I didn’t ever get back to the kits. We had them dumped all over one room and they just stayed there all over the place for a blasted long time. Eventually, I couldn’t stand the mess of it anymore, but still didn’t have the time to go fully deal with them. Consequently our 72-hour kits currently consist of a whole bunch of junk dumped into two great big huge ol’ plastic storage buckets. “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” Well…I’m not feeling so prepared. :/

Hooray for wonderful blessings though! We (as a family) have a best friend that is another family, much like our own. These people are truly the most amazing people! They are like family to us and we honestly feel closer to them much of the time than we do to much of our extended family – granted they are literally, physically closer to us than any of our extended family, but I wasn’t referring to distance in that comment. Anyway, I could rave about how incredible this family is for hours or days and not do justice to their goodness, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is this, our BFF family is coming to have a 72-Hour Kit Campout with us during this General Conference season! We have actually done this once before with them, but we did it in the middle of the summer. This time, we are being brave and trying a not-so-warm-and-cozy style of camping and doing it when we would already normally bust out the 72-hour kits anyway (their family does it then too). We contemplated a winter campout, but neither of us felt brave enough to try that in a Logan, UT winter just yet. Baby steps. Someday we’ll try it!

This time, we are doing it the weekend before General Conference in the hopes that we can have a fun and silly time together, not need to worry about trying to figure out how to partake of Conference in anything related to a reverent way while playing emergency with friends, and give us one week to restock and PUT AWAY our kits before Conference actually comes! I am SO excited. In case you are totally confused what camping 72-hour kit style would mean, I described what it’s all about in this post a LONG time ago, but then never actually took the time to write down all the things we learned by doing it. I’m going to try to do better this time and share some of those insights here after we are finished. If I’m lucky, I might even get those insights posted before General Conference! That’s not likely, but stranger things have happened!


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