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New and Improved General Conference Train! April 2, 2016

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Cover Image April 2016


I had decided to give up on doing anything with my Conference Train for this April Conference. Sometimes even good things have to get set aside for better and best things! And really, that’s OK! Then the unthinkable happened – my kids wanted to watch an uplifting movie that they have been wanting to see for a while, but we haven’t had a chance to see together after the afternoon session was over today. So… Magically I found myself with OVER an HOUR of time that I could sit with my kids and enjoy time together while they did something lifting to them and I could mess with my trains!!! Magical appearances of open time just NEVER happens it seems, so I did not look the gift horse in the mouth, but instead I grabbed my computer and began playing with choochoos! I am SOOOOO excited!!!! Plus, I finally made a caboose!!! Anyway, I simply can’t wait until October to share them with you, so here they are!

CabooseIt is funny to me that ironically I am not using my trains time around my big girls are trying out these adorable notes that look like cell phone text conversations (so far they are loving them!), the boys picked these doodle notes that they have used before (THREE keeps his doodle book like a most prized possession and studies his notes right along with his scriptures – which I LOVE), and the little girls are doing a Conference Flower Garden, HUBBY has his journal, and I am trying taking notes on my computer for the first time in years. But that’s besides the point. The point of this post is giving cute kids a SUPER fun way to take written or picture notes of what they are learning and feeling as they enjoy listening to General Conference AND allow them to build a choochoo train on their own or with their family at the same time!!! I really do love these notes! (Plus the trains are just cute as just trains IMHO.) If you’ve never used these notes before or are not sure how you want to use them, you can look at the original post for my trains or you can look at the info on my Conference Flower Garden (which is created in the very same style – just flowers instead of train cars). If you want the sticker sheets that go with the trains, you can find them in the post for the Flower Garden. If you have other fun and creative ways that you use these trains, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. πŸ™‚

There are LOTS of files here and chances are REALLY good that I may have some lines crossed or typos involved when I tried to pull this together WAY faster than I usually do. If you catch one of my errors, PLEASE let me know! Thanks! And have a WONDERFUL General Conference!!!

15 Main Pages – First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve

President Monson

President Eyring

President Uchtdorf

President Nelson

Elder Oaks

Elder Ballard

Elder Hales

Elder Holland

Elder Bednar

Elder Cook

Elder Christofferson

Elder Andersen

Elder Rasband

Elder Stevenson

Elder Renlund

Train Engines – One for each of the four general sessions πŸ™‚

Conference Train Engine Saturday Morning

Conference Train Engine Saturday Afternoon

Conference Train Engine Sunday Morning

Conference Train Engine Sunday Afternoon

Blank Pages, Templates, and Caboose

Box Car

Coal Car

Tanker Car

Sister ________ Box Car

Sister ________ Coal Car

Sister ________ Tanker Car

Train Engine




If you would ever like the SVG file for any of the things I make, please feel free to let me know and I’m happy to post them as well. πŸ™‚


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3 Responses to “New and Improved General Conference Train!”

  1. […] updated version of this is now (April 2016) found here – it even has additional […]

  2. Kristiina Says:

    Is there any way to get updated train cars? I’d even pay for them! My 3.5 year old little loves them!

    • Kristiina! I am SOOOOO sorry that I missed this from you and that I didn’t get the trains updated. I’ve been flying without internet and buried in work and just didn’t get there for this April Conference. BUT I AM planning to do an update before October with the two new Apostles and the changes in the First Presidency and such. But even though I failed you for this time, THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for taking the time to write your note! It meant a whole lot to me today!!! πŸ™‚

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