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General Conference FEAST-ing October 2, 2016

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personal-feast-boardI made a new type of BINGO board for General Conference and we tried it out during this Sunday Morning Session.


It was such an incredible experience that I am changing the board and putting 5 different letters at the top in place of the B-I-N-G-O. I am hereby calling this General Conference F-E-A-S-T! I have never experienced Conference quite like this before! I love the way that ONE expressed how she felt after creating her BINGO board before the session started and using it as she listened. Here is what she had to say about it…

It was more about getting questions answered than it was about BINGO and I have more notes than ever!

There is nothing that makes this mommy heart happier than knowing that my girl was getting what she needed to as she listened to the prophets, apostles, and leaders that we were so blessed to hear from today! She had prayed for answers and her cup was FILLED! That fills me! On top of that, I experienced a similar incredible feeling as I did this too!

personal-bingo-board-bwWith 25 squares to fill, I was actually very intimidated with figuring what to put in all those little boxes. I started out with simply writing down some of the things that I had already been praying about as I was preparing for Conference. But with 4 squares filled and 21 left to go, I knew I needed to think deeper and open up a little bit more. I turned to the Sticker Sheets that I made to help little people be able to take visual notes to help me contemplate what I needed to receive today. What a wonderful experience that was for me! As I saw the picture or the Savior praying in Gethsemane, I was reminded of my need to better connect with His incredible Atonement. I took that picture and placed it in a box and wrote the beautiful word “Atonement” next to it. There were ideas that I couldn’t put into words and used pictures alone to help me connect with. There were other things that I had no picture for and I simply wrote the word “Hope” or an “RS” to draw my heart out to those things that have been needs in my life. Suddenly, it was a pure joy to fill all of those 25 squares. I felt brave enough to ask Heavenly Father to help me receive THAT many answers! I have normally in the past felt like I needed to somewhat limit what I am praying for answers about in Conference to a fairly small-ish number. I have generally kept that number to about 4-5 or less (hence those 4 squares that I filled right away today) because it is hard to keep more than that actively in my mind all at once and I just felt – I don’t know – maybe ‘greedy’ would be a good way to describe it when I asked for answers to ALL of my questions. This changed both of those things for me! It was truly and completely AMAZING – really, it was astounding!

Of those 25 items, there was 1 – only one! – that I did not really receive guidance on during Conference this morning! It was overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful for me! I was overwhelmed by Heavenly Father’s love for me and felt SO much more power in the different talks than I normally might have.

If you would like to join me in this new experiment, please print out a FEAST board or a BINGO board, prayerfully fill in those 25 squares, prayerfully listen, and then let the Spirit and inspiration flow as you listen to the next session of General Conference!

Blessings! Such blessings received that I simply had to share!!! I hope it blesses you too!!!!

I hope you have a wondrous, edifying, and blessed General Conference! πŸ™‚

BINGO boards:

FEAST Boards:



If you would ever like the SVG file for any of the things I make, please feel free to let me know and I’m happy to post them as well. πŸ™‚


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  1. And there you have it. The one topic that wasn’t covered this morning has been handled with intensity and power for my soul the first half of this session. God is so amazing and Good!

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