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About November 16, 2009

I am Katie Chapman.  I am married to the most amazing husband in the world – and no I don’t say that JUST because I am biased, but because he TRULY is the man of my dreams!  I am the mother of SIX – two girls, then two boys, then two girls!  We live in lovely Cache Valley Utah and love it here.  I graduated from Utah State University a month after FOUR was born.  I graduated with a degree that is fantastic for being a Mommy, Liberal Arts.  (Funny how something that is so great for being a Mommy, does not seem to be THE most marketable degree ever earned.

I spend my time trying to keep my house clean, my kids alive and happy, my family fed, and all those NORMAL things for a stay at home mom to do.  I also LOVE to read and used to do it incessantly with audio books while I play chauffeur and fold laundry and other mindless tasks around home. Though, now, I tend to work while doing those mindless tasks, but have several books waiting to be read or listened to once I am able to steal the time again.  I love music and LOVE dancing!  I have dance parties with my kids often while we clean and play!

I also spend what often feels like insane amounts of time working from home with my husband.  We own Pentandra Research Solutions, Inc. – which is currently building a family history software, Geungle (pronounced Jungle for those that are wondering), that I am ridiculously excited about!  We hope it will be a truly beneficial program for those that want to actually RESEARCH thoroughly their ancestors before making conclusions about their vital statistical data.  We want to help enable people to actually recreate the lives of their ancestors as much as possible – to truly turn their hearts to REAL people!  If that doesn’t tell you enough, then you can look at our website, pentandra.com to know more.  On that note, I would normally have a section of this blog dedicated to family history and my love of it, but I will save that blogging for the Geungle blog.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and stay very involved in my church community!  It fills my life with fun and light! It is the at the center of who I am!  I am also a bit on the hyper-excited side about my patriotism and reverence for the origins and foundations of this country.  I choose not to apologize for any comments I make on MY blog based on those two important parts of my life.  If you don’t agree with my views – great!  Life would be dreadfully dull without diversity, I just ask that you show respect and I will try to do the same.

I am a bit of a craft junkie, though I have almost NO time to do much about it.  I still love to spend a few moments, when I can, and make something fun and cute and exciting.  I tend to have very few original ideas, but when one strikes, I will gladly share it.  If I use someone else’s ideas, I will also share it (as long as they are OK with that) and I will send you to them for more info on their original ideas.

I also have a bit of a fetish for emergency preparedness and food storage.  I am not any kind of expert, but I will share any great (or not so great sometimes too) thoughts I have – at least if I think they might possibly be useful to someone else too.

I love comments and welcome them however diverse they may be.  I do have a few rules you should know.  You are welcome, encouraged actually, to comment here, but please do it in a respectful and courteous manner or I will delete your comments.  Also, please avoid foul or crude language of any kind or I will take the liberty to edit what you post or delete it all together.  I do not appreciate that kind of speech and want all to feel welcome on my blog.  That kind of language or rude commentary does not a welcoming environment make – for me or other readers as well.  Besides, it can be a good exercise to see if you can share your thoughts without all the other stuff.  We might all learn something from you if you do.

Anyway, in a nutshell, this blog is my personal rambling space.  If you find anything helpful on it – wonderful!  If not, then at least I have my outlet!  Welcome to Katie’s Blog-ness!  🙂


3 Responses to “About”

  1. chris Says:

    You are amazing!!!

  2. Marla Hughes Says:

    Miss you.

    • You too!!! I can’t believe I missed this from you until NOW! Thanks for taking the time to drop me a note! It just filled my heart right up and now my eyes are overflowing the happiness – for real. It was perfectly timed to read that just now! ❤

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