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Independence Day Reflections July 4, 2013

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I don’t often write things here on my blog that I initially share on social media, but after having a friend, that I look up to as a force for good in the cause of freedom, asked me to share my thoughts more broadly than I had, I began to reconsider that choice. I have also considered taking all political (or even possibly politically construed) posts off my blog all together. Most of what I post is fun crafty things, silly ramblings, thoughts about motherhood or challenges with it, religious lessons and contemplations, or other random, but generally not politically minded thoughts. I know that means my readers likely come from those random and not super politically oriented realms most of the time. (more…)


Abortion November 6, 2012

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Oh, how heavy my heart is right now. I have been researching abortion for weeks now, trying to understand truly the mindsets of those involved in both sides of the argument and to flush out my own thoughts more fully. Tonight I had planned to finish writing what I had started and stopped writing many times before. Then I ended up referred to an article entitled “If You Don’t Want a Baby, Just Don’t Have Sex?” I thought, “Wow, imagine someone actually suggesting that as a viable option.” Well, I was sadly mistaken in thinking that was the intent of the article. In essence their idea was that there is no need for us to connect sex and procreation anymore. I want to go over so many harmful things I noticed in the logic of this article, but I feel the need to let that be and focus on this: choices do have consequences. So many people seem to have actually managed to believe that we can truly choose the consequences of our actions all the time these days. Well, that is not how agency works. We are free to choose, but once the choice has been made, the results are typically out of our hands.

I am not so naive as to think that purely focusing on abstinence education will solve the problem of all unwanted pregnancies in the world. But I am also too much a realist to not recognize that when that aspect of sexual training and education is left out – the option of abstinence I mean – then the numbers of unwanted pregnancies will increase. I get so tired of the voices of the world trying to convince all humankind that we are too base of animals to choose to not have sex when the time is right for abstinence. I saw this in one discussion of abortion, “Telling teenagers to abstain when hormones are most active is just absurd.” Actually,this is exactly the best time to teach abstinence! Well, I am so grateful my parents told me to abstain! I had so many people mock me in high school for honestly and genuinely deciding to never have sex until I was married. They would tell me it was an impossible thing that I was seeking. Well, I did not take the opportunity to declare my virginity to them on graduation day, but I think I would have enjoyed the shock on their faces if I had. I think most of them would have passed out with the shock to have had many of my other friends that had made similar choices to mine that were also graduating high school as virgins, happy in our power over our own lives. (more…)


The Real War on Women

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I am a woman. I am a Mormon. I love both of those aspects of my personal identity. They fill my life with the most amazing richness and fulfillment and feelings of astounding self worth. I suppose most all of us struggle with feelings of self doubt on occasion, and I am no exception. But those feelings of self doubt have NEVER stemmed from the fact that I am a Mormon woman. I have often felt that I am not quite living up to my potential as a woman or as a Mormon. I know, see, and feel my potential thanks to both of those attributes. I work and strive daily to be the kind of Mormon woman that so many amazing women have set the example of for me throughout my life.

Why then, would I be writing an article about the “War of Women?” Well, I have several friends, other Mormon women, that have yelled from their proverbial rooftops to “warn” me, and everyone else their voices can reach, how dangerous Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are to women. They are waging a “War on Women” and we need to stop it. I have spent the last several weeks researching this with earnestness. I generally tend to vote somewhat conservative, but am honestly more of a moderate and always vote according to the person, not just the party they represent. I absolutely would not vote for a candidate simply because we share a common religion. I wanted to honestly understand what it is that had these friends so concerned and decide if I should be concerned as well. What I will share here are the results of that intense study and pondering, along with a great deal of prayer.

What I have been able to conclude is that there is in fact a war being waged to harm not just women individually, but womanhood itself. That war is not being waged by Mitt Romney or the Republican Party however. For the sake of keeping my thoughts as brief as I can, I will not list the dozens and dozens of sources I have used in my research. I may share a few as it feels needed, but I am happy to share them with any of you that would like those sources later on, or perhaps in another post.

I shall start by sharing a video that describes the “War on Women,” as described by various feminist organizations, the Democratic Party, and others. I will then address her concerns and attempt to show the “War on Women” that I see raging all around me and leaving me heartbroken to witness. (more…)


Frostbite and Further Research November 5, 2012

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Large crowd. Cold at Romney Rally

Why do we like to assume the worst about people and eat it up when the media dishes up anything that focuses on underhanded tactics or simple rotten-ness? I am sadly guilty of that more often than I want to admit.  For me it is usually a “think the worst until I can get to the bottom of it” mentality. Fortunately, I am often able to get to the bottom of something and find nothing amiss and can then rid the negative thoughts from my mind. (Though there are admittedly times when I dig deeper and discover as much rot as I assumed, but I don’t want to dwell on those moments tonight.)  Perhaps someday I will be better than I am now, and will be able to think a little more “innocent until proven guilty” after reading some news headline. I am working toward that goal little by little, but either way, the “proving” seems to be an essential ingredient.

I am a questioner. I mean, I question just about everything I come in contact with. I am sure I drove my mother absolutely batty when I reached that “Why?” phase and never grew out of it! Sometimes that trait drives me as crazy as it does those around me. It drives me crazy to have all those questions running through my mind when it is a time that I don’t have the ability to dig a little deeper and find answers to my questions. Well, tonight I dug a little deeper and decided that instead of merely sticking it in my own mind to appease my own questioning, I would also take the few minutes it would require and share it in case anyone else had the same questions I did.

I read an article tonight about a political rally for Mitt Romney that was held this weekend. The article’s title is “Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally.” When I read that – just that – I couldn’t avoid the question “What?!” Naturally, I then read the article, which is little more than a collection of tweets from two reporters that were at the rally. The picture the tweets paint is bizarre to say the least and outright disturbing if they paint an accurate portrait of what was happening at that rally. Immediately I wanted to go have a darn stern ‘talking to’ with someone from the rally staff or Mitt Romney himself for allowing his people to behave so callously. Then I thought, “Wait. If this really happened, I need to know it.” That was quickly followed by, “What in the world they could have possibly been thinking?!” Then, “There had to be something going on that I am not getting from these tweets. What’s up?” (more…)


Transparency and Forgiveness October 26, 2012

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After posting earlier.  I was referred by a friend to something truly amazing for me to watch.  It was amazing in both positive and negative ways.  Even if you didn’t take the time to watch the earlier video from the other post, this video is worth the time.  I will not write a whole lot, because I would rather you watch the video, in the scant time you may have, than to have you read all of my rambling thoughts.  (more…)


What’s Going On: Investigation in Benghazi

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Warning: Political rant ahead.  Read at your own risk and choice.  I decided I had to post this publicly because I am shocked to have heard so few people talking about this.  I realized that if I don’t speak up, then I can’t act surprised that others are not talking about it either.  I also need to add the caveat that I have really not fact checked most of what is contained in this video and I would normally do that prior to posting, but I am afraid I shall have to leave the fact checking to others this time so that I can get back to work.  If you find faulty “facts,” please be so kind as to inform me of them (hopefully in a courteous manner).

I walked away from watching this with a few thoughts. (more…)


4th of July Fun! July 3, 2012

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So – I LOVE the 4th of July and I LOVE doing fun crafty projects with my kids.  Today I am posting my attempt to combine the two.  These are two activities that require cutting and glue or tape.  These are just for fun and my kids had a blast this morning making the Spirals and hanging them on strings from their bike handles, the ceiling fan blades (actually I did that hanging), or just dancing with them as they twirl in the breeze.  We are going to try the TP tube holders this afternoon and then fill them with those snap things that you throw on the ground and they pop.  Then we are taking their personal “firecrackers” with us to keep them busy making noise while we wait for fireworks to start tonight.  I hope you enjoy! (more…)


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