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72-Hour Kit Camping for Conference March 26, 2015

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72-Hour Kit CampingMy 72-hour kits are decidedly in a state of unruly-ness and are surely ill prepared to be of any use or value to anyone at the moment. Our norm is to bust out our kits between Saturday sessions of General Conference, swap out ill fitting clothes, pull out and eat for lunch and as Conference snacks the foods that need to be rotated, and try out one or two or three of the dry pack meals that we have chosen to keep in ours. (They have a mega long shelf life and are a bit pricey so we don’t rotate them every time.) We also try to add SOMETHING, even if it is super simple or seemingly unimportant, to our packs each time.

I love this method! The biggest reason I love it? (more…)


Peace in My Tempests March 3, 2015

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Here are some thoughts I jotted in my journal after watching a Bible Video that struck me in unexpected ways today. These thoughts are simply my feelings, but they struck with so much new light today that I really wanted to share them even though I don’t have time to really edit them or tweak them to be anything more than my rambled thoughts. Hopefully they offer something worthwhile in your day anyway. πŸ™‚

First, here’s the video…

Or you can find it here too.

Now for my thoughts from it… (more…)


Getting to Know You, Getting to Know Some About You February 25, 2015

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I am LOVING my new calling and it is likely to direct some of what gets posted on here for the time being. Though, since I haven’t been posting anything lately, I suppose any excuse to take the time to post is a wonderful thing. πŸ˜‰ Actually, I have simply had to make some choices to find better balance in my life and pretty much ignoring social media and this blog have been requirements to attempt to reach that balance point. I have several things that I intend to do over the next while on my blog, but it will not be coming fast or super frequent. But, it is more important for me to keep my real life as functional as possible than to keep my blog supplied with new posts and material. I hope it is worth it for others to still keep my blog active even though I’m not updating it tons, and if not, at least it is an outlet for me when I need it.

Anyway, enough of that rambling. (more…)


Angels We Have Heard On High, But Sometimes I Want Them Even Closer December 13, 2014

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Sometimes I am shocked at the timing for when grief hits. This is a truly stunning video that filled me with light. It is joyful – truly joyful. Yet as the first little boy reached out to moved the Baby Jesus figurine, I was slammed by a wanting pain of missing my little boy that never got the chance to play with our piles of nativity figures or hang ornaments (like my other kids did tonight) or even play the role of the sacred Baby in a recreation of this event. Most of the time I simply take comfort in the power of Hid glorious resurrection that will provide also for the same for my son. But that is someday, and this is now. Tonight, I just want to hold him. I want him in my arms, just for one night. What I want is to hold my little one and hug him and kiss him and sing him my favorite Christmas carols and stroke his soft cheek. What I want, I can’t have. So I think instead, what I need is for my Savior to hold me. To help and to lift me and my heart sits broken once again for what I can’t hold myself. And perhaps, just for one night, my baby might be allowed to help Him hold me tonight.


Seriously?! Not the “Junk Bucket!” July 14, 2014

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Oh boy. Well, I just finished writing in my journal and thought I’d finally go to bed. HA! That’s what I get for thinkin’! I went to go head in to sleep and realized that the sticky remnants of our watermelon pizza feast was still all over the table. My stomach had been hurting after eating it, so I went to lay down a bit while others were finishing. I had hoped, that perhaps, someone else might have cleared up after finishing up. Again. HA! That’s what I get for thinkin’! Naturally it was all still waiting for me at bedtime. I went with HUBBY to go clear the melon mayhem from the kitchen and to grab a quick something to eat.

Side note – am I the only one that has to eat before sleeping if I have waited too long after dinner before heading to bed? ‘Cause man, if I don’t eat it’s gonna be ugly. Gaggy attempts to fall asleep, followed by either a rough night and a wake-up-and-wanna-puke kind of morning or giving up and going back out of bed to find something to eat after all.

Anyway, as we cleaned up (mostly my good HUBBY while I ate my roll), we chatted about the day and the upcoming week. It was great! Then we were so ready to tie up one more loose end and head to bed. I sat down to tackle that last loose end – to gather the flannel board figures of Noah’s ark folks and critters and put them all into their handy little zippered pouch. That’s when the midnight mothering crisis kicked in. Of course! Because I was SO close to finally meeting my pillow for a much needed reunion. Duh! (more…)


Keeping it Simple June 22, 2014

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We have “Quiet Time” at my house for a while every Sunday after church. This started as a matter of self preservation when we lived in a tiny tiny trailer with multiple kids (I think we only even had ONE and TWO back then). The oldest thought she was too old for naps, but she was SO in that phase of almost never napping, but really needing a nap after several days of not having one. Sundays seemed like a perfect solution! That seemed all the more obvious when TWO so desperately NEEDED a nap after church every week. There was really NO functional way in our tiny house to GET sleep to come for TWO (not keep, that we could do, but getting her there was another story) if ONE was wound up after church and noisily telling all about every detail of what she did in nursery or primary.


Hence the introduction of “Quiet Time!” ONE and TWO were sent to bed with quiet activities – books, issues of the Friend, characters from their Noah’s ark set, lacing cards, quiet books, etc. – and the requirement that they play with quietly so the other sister could sleep if she needed. 9 times out of 10 (in those early days) both girls would be sound asleep after just a short time playing quietly in her bed. I LOVED IT!

Then I realized WHY I loved it so much. It was NOT just because both my girls got their naps in happily. It was because I knew they were being edified with their play time, getting needed sleep, AND I got some honest to goodness time to ponder things of the Spirit. Perhaps I’m the only mother that has ever struggled to feel like she has enough time to pray or study scriptures or write in a journal or ever ponder anything without distraction or interruption, but I sort of doubt that I am alone in that challenge. Either way, I was LOVING the feeling of renewal I started being able to gain on the Sabbath like I had when I was in my high school and single college days.

I had always LOVED Sundays! That was absolutely my favorite day of the week! As a mom, I was starting to feel stressed rather than rejuvenated on Sunday. I did not like that one bit! I honestly don’t think I had even noticed how bad it had gotten until we started Quiet Time and I started to feel that replenishing of my soul again each week. I knew that I NEEDED that! Since then, we have had more kids and moved into a home with more space, but Quiet Time has remained. (more…)


Rewarding Glad Hearts this Summer May 29, 2014

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20 FLRFYI am SOOO excited about these!!!

We don’t pay our kids an “allowance” ’round here. They have lots of jobs they can do to earn money and I post extra ones on our job board when there are special things they can do. But generally helping in our family is something that is expected without needing to be paid for it. It’s how I was raised and is something I wanted to continue with my kids because I feel like it helped me understand the need to help and to do it just because I love my family, not because I am getting paid for it.

While I was struggling to survive motherhood, nursing a baby, entrepreneurship, and going to school this past semester, our house was COMPLETELY falling into a pit of ridiculous messiness and simply becoming filthy dirty. Yes – I said FILTHY DIRTY. I mean, ewwwwww kind of dirty! We decided it was time for the kids to step up a bit (more…)


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