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Peace in My Tempests March 3, 2015

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Here are some thoughts I jotted in my journal after watching a Bible Video that struck me in unexpected ways today. These thoughts are simply my feelings, but they struck with so much new light today that I really wanted to share them even though I don’t have time to really edit them or tweak them to be anything more than my rambled thoughts. Hopefully they offer something worthwhile in your day anyway. 🙂

First, here’s the video…

Or you can find it here too.

Now for my thoughts from it… (more…)


Angels We Have Heard On High, But Sometimes I Want Them Even Closer December 13, 2014

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Sometimes I am shocked at the timing for when grief hits. This is a truly stunning video that filled me with light. It is joyful – truly joyful. Yet as the first little boy reached out to moved the Baby Jesus figurine, I was slammed by a wanting pain of missing my little boy that never got the chance to play with our piles of nativity figures or hang ornaments (like my other kids did tonight) or even play the role of the sacred Baby in a recreation of this event. Most of the time I simply take comfort in the power of Hid glorious resurrection that will provide also for the same for my son. But that is someday, and this is now. Tonight, I just want to hold him. I want him in my arms, just for one night. What I want is to hold my little one and hug him and kiss him and sing him my favorite Christmas carols and stroke his soft cheek. What I want, I can’t have. So I think instead, what I need is for my Savior to hold me. To help and to lift me and my heart sits broken once again for what I can’t hold myself. And perhaps, just for one night, my baby might be allowed to help Him hold me tonight.


Been There Done That September 27, 2013

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As I have written some of my experiences dealing with the loss last year of our tiny son, I realized that there was a piece of back-story that might help in understanding where I am coming from as I have faced this loss. I decided I wanted to share it now. I may have shared at least some of this before, I may not have, but I needed to write about it either way.

Between TWO and THREE, I was pregnant 3 other times. (more…)


Independence Day Reflections July 4, 2013

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I don’t often write things here on my blog that I initially share on social media, but after having a friend, that I look up to as a force for good in the cause of freedom, asked me to share my thoughts more broadly than I had, I began to reconsider that choice. I have also considered taking all political (or even possibly politically construed) posts off my blog all together. Most of what I post is fun crafty things, silly ramblings, thoughts about motherhood or challenges with it, religious lessons and contemplations, or other random, but generally not politically minded thoughts. I know that means my readers likely come from those random and not super politically oriented realms most of the time. (more…)


Prayers Please? May 21, 2013

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My friends, my readers, perfect strangers, can I ask you to add to your prayers? Please?

I feel a bit selfish asking you to add something in when you are likely all busy praying for those in Oklahoma right now (I am too). What I need seems so small compared to the devastation in OK, but it’s very real in my life right now.

I am expecting. I am just over 11 weeks along. My last baby was born at just 10 weeks and 5 days. (To read more about that, you can look at this post.) Anyway, I celebrated this pregnancy when I was past the point when I lost my baby boy. But, Sunday brought all the same kinds of complications that I experienced last time. It felt like it was back to haunt and ruin my peace and joy with this new baby growing inside of me. I told HUBBY that it feels like a bad dream. But it’s one of those bad dreams that you have already dreamed before, and you know how it ends, but can’t wake up, no matter how hard you try. (more…)


Grief, Love, Pain… April 21, 2013

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FOUR left my bed, left my room. He left the SACRED that surrounded my tiny new baby boy. My baby. His spirit was not in his body. But somehow…? It was close. Whisperingly close. Holding ME. Comforting me. In my grief. Loving me through the VEIL that kept us apart.

I laid there in my bed. Beside his tiny still form. I held him. I touched each FINGER. Each TOE. I kissed him. Gentle. Tender and gentle as a butterfly wing creating the tiniest of a breeze. I studied his PERFECT little body. I wondered what that sweet little NOSE would have looked like. Were those my CHEEKS? Were those meant to be my same dainty FINGERS or Daddy’s strong ones? What would he have looked like in NINE months? Born in a hospital? With a Doctor keeping him safe? I wept. I MOURNED. What about in a few years when he WOULD have been as old as princess FIVE? Or when HE should have started school? I am sure he would have been the sweetest kindergartener ever! I wanted to hold THAT boy! The five-year-old that he did not get the chance to become. Not yet. WAITING. I believe. I know. I will see him SOMEDAY. Faith! But that is so far from NOW. I want my SON. Then AND now!

I pray. (more…)


The Real War on Women November 6, 2012

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I am a woman. I am a Mormon. I love both of those aspects of my personal identity. They fill my life with the most amazing richness and fulfillment and feelings of astounding self worth. I suppose most all of us struggle with feelings of self doubt on occasion, and I am no exception. But those feelings of self doubt have NEVER stemmed from the fact that I am a Mormon woman. I have often felt that I am not quite living up to my potential as a woman or as a Mormon. I know, see, and feel my potential thanks to both of those attributes. I work and strive daily to be the kind of Mormon woman that so many amazing women have set the example of for me throughout my life.

Why then, would I be writing an article about the “War of Women?” Well, I have several friends, other Mormon women, that have yelled from their proverbial rooftops to “warn” me, and everyone else their voices can reach, how dangerous Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are to women. They are waging a “War on Women” and we need to stop it. I have spent the last several weeks researching this with earnestness. I generally tend to vote somewhat conservative, but am honestly more of a moderate and always vote according to the person, not just the party they represent. I absolutely would not vote for a candidate simply because we share a common religion. I wanted to honestly understand what it is that had these friends so concerned and decide if I should be concerned as well. What I will share here are the results of that intense study and pondering, along with a great deal of prayer.

What I have been able to conclude is that there is in fact a war being waged to harm not just women individually, but womanhood itself. That war is not being waged by Mitt Romney or the Republican Party however. For the sake of keeping my thoughts as brief as I can, I will not list the dozens and dozens of sources I have used in my research. I may share a few as it feels needed, but I am happy to share them with any of you that would like those sources later on, or perhaps in another post.

I shall start by sharing a video that describes the “War on Women,” as described by various feminist organizations, the Democratic Party, and others. I will then address her concerns and attempt to show the “War on Women” that I see raging all around me and leaving me heartbroken to witness. (more…)


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