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General Conference FEAST-ing October 2, 2016

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personal-feast-boardI made a new type of BINGO board for General Conference and we tried it out during this Sunday Morning Session.


It was such an incredible experience that I am changing the board and putting 5 different letters at the top in place of the B-I-N-G-O. I am hereby calling this General Conference F-E-A-S-T! (more…)


Personal General Conference BINGO October 1, 2016

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Make Conference BINGO a spiritual FEAST!

I can’t believe I forgot to post this! I actually made this after Conference in April but wanted to post it closer to this Conference, but…. Well, let’s just say I completely forgot I hadn’t posted it yet! LOL

Anyway, this is my new invention. Actually there’s nothing new about BINGO or doing BINGO during General Conference, but this was a new way to approach it. (more…)


New and Improved General Conference Train! April 2, 2016

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Cover Image April 2016


I had decided to give up on doing anything with my Conference Train for this April Conference. Sometimes even good things have to get set aside for better and best things! And really, that’s OK! Then the unthinkable happened – my kids wanted to watch an uplifting movie that they have been wanting to see for a while, but we haven’t had a chance to see together after the afternoon session was over today. So… Magically I found myself with OVER an HOUR of time that I could sit with my kids and enjoy time together while they did something lifting to them and I could mess with my trains!!! Magical appearances of open time just NEVER happens it seems, so I did not look the gift horse in the mouth, but instead I grabbed my computer and began playing with choochoos! I am SOOOOO excited!!!! Plus, I finally made a caboose!!! Anyway, I simply can’t wait until October to share them with you, so here they are! (more…)


General Conference Flower Garden – Weeded and Watered March 31, 2016

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Cover Image April 2016Better now than Saturday morning! I had hoped to finish this up before now, but Thursday is better than JUST barely before Conference starts at 10:00am (MST) this weekend. Right? Anyway, here is an updated version of the General Conference Flower Garden that I made before. I have added our 3 new Apostles, changed Elder Nelson’s page to reflect his new position as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, added in blank pages for Seventies or other men who speak, AND finally added a page for the sisters who speak! (more…)


72-Hour Kit Camping for Conference March 26, 2015

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72-Hour Kit CampingMy 72-hour kits are decidedly in a state of unruly-ness and are surely ill prepared to be of any use or value to anyone at the moment. Our norm is to bust out our kits between Saturday sessions of General Conference, swap out ill fitting clothes, pull out and eat for lunch and as Conference snacks the foods that need to be rotated, and try out one or two or three of the dry pack meals that we have chosen to keep in ours. (They have a mega long shelf life and are a bit pricey so we don’t rotate them every time.) We also try to add SOMETHING, even if it is super simple or seemingly unimportant, to our packs each time.

I love this method! The biggest reason I love it? (more…)


Better Late Than Never! October 4, 2013

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party1I am sitting here – yes, at almost 11:00 the night before General Conference – trying to print out and organize some things for tomorrow. The funny thing is, is that I know I am not alone. There is a magic thing on a blog (something I never knew existed before last General Conference really). It’s called a stats page. It can tell me how many people have viewed my blog and what they were here to see. It has just made me giggle today to see that I am not the only one that has not got her everything together yet as those numbers of visitors looking for trains or paper dolls or whatever all else (essentially exclusively Conference oriented) has continued to rise and rise tonight. So I say to all ye other folks trying to gather activities at this point in the game, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!!

Let’s just throw a party! Wouldn’t that be fun! To gab with each other as we all hustle about to print that one magical activity page that will work wonders for one kid just when they are starting to be overtaken by a mad case of the ants-in-their-pants bug – just when a speaker starts hitting on something you knew YOU needed to hear. I almost always print WAY more than I can logically need for my kids during Conference. But, hey, that’s what makes our Sunday bag such a delight the six months following – Conference leftovers become great Sacrament Meeting quieters. I was actually hitting the print button with such speed tonight that I may have literally just blown the motor on my printer. HUBBY is working to see what he can do with it, but somehow the very prospect made me laugh tonight. So, however you do it, whatever great things you find, from wherever you find them, thanks for letting me play along a little. It makes me feel less lonely in my last minute preparations. 🙂

And, with that, I bid you all a happy General Conference filled with the Spirit, fun, and peace! 🙂

This image is compliments of OpenClipart.org and Cyberscooty – it’s called Party 1.


The 3 Bee’s of General Conference September 30, 2013

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PNG fileI can’t believe General Conference is THIS WEEKEND!!!!! I am so excited. I wish I could post a video from church on Sunday of ONE. She could hardly stay in her seat in church on Sunday when it was announced that there are some tickets available to attend at the Conference Center! It was a riot! We may/may not be able to go, but I was thrilled to see that level of enthusiasm for General Conference coming from my 10-year-old!

I realized that I have not contributed anything new this year and wanted to add something. Our Bishop (Jason Lambert – thanks, BTW Bishop) spoke at the end of Sacrament Meeting this week and shared The 3 Bee’s of General Conference. Now, he might have spelled it “be” rather than “bee,” but I just couldn’t help myself going fully into flying honey maker mode on this FHE lesson prompted by his talk. (more…)


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