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72-Hour Kit Camping for Conference March 26, 2015

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72-Hour Kit CampingMy 72-hour kits are decidedly in a state of unruly-ness and are surely ill prepared to be of any use or value to anyone at the moment. Our norm is to bust out our kits between Saturday sessions of General Conference, swap out ill fitting clothes, pull out and eat for lunch and as Conference snacks the foods that need to be rotated, and try out one or two or three of the dry pack meals that we have chosen to keep in ours. (They have a mega long shelf life and are a bit pricey so we don’t rotate them every time.) We also try to add SOMETHING, even if it is super simple or seemingly unimportant, to our packs each time.

I love this method! The biggest reason I love it? (more…)


A Challenge, A Thrill January 7, 2013

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Beware: Personal post ahead. Read at the peril of any preconceived ideas you may have had about me in the past.  Or, perhaps there will be nothing shocking to you at all.  I will, however, feel completely exposed, so please keep your comments kind.  😉

In case I have never mentioned it before, we live in a college town that we came to for…you guessed it, college. We have been here ever since that fateful summer EIGHT years ago now. (Wow, has it really been that long?  Good grief! Time sure flies!) We have also been doing the college thing for one or the other of us essentially ever since.  This past semester, thanks to the inspiration from a loving Heavenly Father that knew what was coming in our lives, when we did not, neither of us was in school.  Hubby is done all except his master’s thesis project that is also the program we are currently writing for our company.  I, on the other hand, started a second bachelor’s degree last fall.  I majored in Liberal Arts the first time around and have returned for a more “marketable” degree to use for our business and as my “back-up” degree.  Now I study accounting – and I actually have fun with it!  Believe it or not, my favorite part is studying taxes!  (Yes, I know how odd that sounds to most people, but it is what it is.  I fully enjoy studying taxes!)

That was a somewhat long-winded introduction, but I share it because being in school off and on for the last 12 years has not actually put us in one of the higher tax brackets – to say the least.  As we have found ways to make every dollar stretch, we also set out with determination to do what we could, when we could, to build up our family’s food storage.  We have had too many times when our food storage is the only thing that has provided food for our table. When we were first married, we inherited some initial storage from my in-laws and found it our main-stay food source while we struggled to find work for the first several months of our marriage.  This is not that moment – exactly.  We have no shortage of work.  Unfortunately, we are not paid for the work we do right now.  Thanks to the grace of many miracles and loving friends, family, and even strangers, we have been able to manage to make it while completely bootstrapping a business.

Now comes the challenge and the thrill… (more…)


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