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General Conference Part 1 March 18, 2012

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I am SOOOOOOO excited!  I got the thumbs up from Angela Roberts from scriptures4kids.com to post the activity pages I made up of the General Authorities using the fun coloring book images she has in her fantastic General Conference packets.  I made these pages for last October’s sessions.  My goal was to make one that was different for each of the 15 prophets, seers, and revelators.  I only managed to come up with 6 different ideas last time – I simply ran out of time!  (Not that it was a shocker to me that I ran out of time, but whach’a gonna do? I had to try  at least.)  I am going to post the 12 pages I made last time here.  I am hoping to get a whole bunch of my new ideas created today and up for this coming General Conference, but again, time is only but so abundant when I literally only have today and next Sunday to do anything about it.  For now, I am just SO excited that I can share these fun activities with you and I hope someone else’s kids can have fun with them.  I felt totally selfish last October when my kids and my cute nieces were the only one’s that got to play with these activity and coloring pages.

I am only posting the printable PDFs here, but I also have them in SVG format (I love to work in Inkscape!) and I would be happy to put them up if someone wants them.  I just figured PDFs are easiest for most people, so here you go!  (I have also put up one example in a PNG, so you can see easily the kind of activities they are.)

Elder Ballard

President Packer – Puzzle

Elder Perry – Dot-to-dot

Elder Nelson – Paper doll (starts in his PJs, child puts on his suit)

Elder Oaks – Draw the other half of his suit

Elder Ballard – Matching (can you spot the differences)

Elder Scott – Puzzle

Elder Hales – Puzzle

Elder Holland – Dot-to-dot

Elder Bednar – Paper doll (starts in his PJs, child puts on his suit)

Elder Cook – Draw the other half of his suit

Elder Christofferson – Matching (can you spot the differences)

Elder Anderson – Puzzle

Woohoo!  I am so excited for General Conference!!!  I hope these can make someone’s Conference experience a fun one!  (How could it not, when you get to help Elder Nelson get on a suit instead of jammies or do a dot-to-dot around Elder Perry’s glasses?)  I hope you really do enjoy!

Like everything on my blog, I am the creator of these images and they are put here for any personal or church use, but not for commercial use of any kind.  The original images are used with permission.  The original art is property of scriptures4kids.com.  Thank you Angela for allowing me to use your images and post them here!

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50 Responses to “General Conference Part 1”

  1. sheri Says:

    Thanks so much for these fun ideas!

  2. Rochelle Says:

    These are SO CREATIVE and fun. Thank you os much for sharing them. I couldn’t help but giggle while printing them off because they’ll be so fun to do. THANK YOU!

  3. Chelsea Says:

    Thank you so very much, I just printed these for my 5 year old daughter! These are so PERFECT for her!

  4. Amber Says:

    these are darling! thanks for sharing!

  5. Claire Says:

    These are perfect! Thank you!

  6. John Naylor Says:

    I think that these disrespect the apostles. They should be treated with more dignity than this.

    • I am sorry to hear that, but I can understand the feeling. The original images were gratefully used by me, but not created by me. I have known many many people that use her darling accordion dolls and her TP tube puppets to keep kids engaged in Conference and have never heard ill spoken of her images. Which leads me to think that it is something about how I have used these images to create individual activities for each of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

      May I ask a question? Is it all of the ideas that I shared here, or just the paper doll ones that have them starting in their pajamas? I ask the question in all sincerity. I even thought a lot about respect when I made these and again before I shared them. I especially debated that concern about the paper doll sheets. I decided it was the only way I could make a paper doll version of an Apostle and help the kids understand how they need to dress in the right kind of “Sunday best” clothes for General Conference. Little kid paper dolls often start with the children in underwear and an undershirt of some sort or another. That was OBVIOUSLY NOT an option this situation. The PJs were the only thing I could think of that would be natural, modest, and still allow for the ability to have General Authority paper dolls. I do apologize for the offense. It was unintentional. I honestly hope that if those brethren were to see these, they would not take it in any kind of disrespect, but would instead chuckle and contemplate if any of their grandkids (or great-grandkids) would be aided by using them during Conference. I hold these men in great respect and want my children to feel respect for them too. That is part of why I come up with ideas to get even my littlest ones involved in Conference and focused on the General Authorities and thinking about what they say.

      • John Naylor Says:

        I’m most bothered by the paper dolls showing them in their pajamas.

      • Thanks. That helps me get a better feel. I can totally understand your thoughts on this. I am going to keep the dolls, even considering your concern, but I do have an idea. I think I will change which of my activities I am showing on my site to one of the other images and give a warning about the pajamas for folks that are planning to open the PDFs. Thanks again for your thoughts. 🙂

      • Tatiana Says:

        Think about the apostles and how positive and uplifting they are. When I saw the dolls in their pajamas, my first thought was, “Oh I bet Elder Nelson would LOVE this! I hope he can see it at some point!” I don’t find it disrespectful at all. The pajamas are tastefully done, so it’s not like they’re in their underwear (now THAT would be another matter entirely). The activity is to get them ready for conference. It’s a valid activity. Knowing what I know about the apostles, I really feel that they would be delighted to see them and know a fun activity has been created to help engage small kids and create a better experience for families watching conference. I personally ADORE them, and am excited for conference just so I can pull them out.
        I’m sure the apostles would appreciate our looking out for their dignity, but in this case, it’s my opinion that their dignity is left intact and I sincerely believe they would approve, and would encourage us to not be so easily offended. But that’s just my opinion and how I choose to look at it. I’m certainly not trying to pick a fight or anything, just hoping to offer another perspective. Happy Conference!

      • Thank you for that! It’s how I think/feel about it too, but it is so good to hear it from someone that isn’t in my brain. 🙂
        Happy Conference to you – I hope it’s wonderful for you!

  7. Megan Says:

    Thank you! These are great! Love them!

  8. kuroanders Says:

    Thanks! I love the different things to do for the different speakers. Usually only the presidency gets individual stuff.

    • He he. You’re so right. That is part of what motivated my blog in the first place. I wanted my kids to listen to ALL of conference and to recognize the importance of ALL the different leaders’ perspectives and words. Plus, with something new for each speaker, it makes it much easier for Mom to get to listen too – or at least that’s the idea. 😉

  9. Shannon Says:

    Love this! Thank you!

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  11. Tatiana Says:

    Just curious, I don’t see any pages for the first presidency. Am I missing something? Just don’t want to miss out! Thanks!

    • No – you are right. There are no pages for the First Presidency. As I was doing these, I had several fun pages about teh First Presidency and so I simply didn’t take the time to create my own. I often use pages 6-11 (especially the I Spy pages) on the packet found here…http://www.sugardoodle.info/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7399:april-2011-general-conference-packets&catid=3834. It’s the one labled “Packet #2.”
      Perhaps one of these days I will ahve enough time to do play around more and create some new fun activities. The ideas that roll around in my head would be so fun! Unfortunately work, school, my 5 big kids, and this little baby simply say that my doodling fun new activities is a current “no go.”

      • Tatiana Says:

        Boy do I ever understand. I made a list of all the things I would like to do in my spare time (spare time…hahaha) and projects I’d like to complete and estimate it would take me several years to complete the list. Several. Thanks for what you’ve done! Love them!

      • LOL – Spare Time – someday I’d love to figure out what that looks like! Hehehe. The great thing about list that are longer than time permits us to accomplish is that there is always something that we have the potential to take on and conquer! 🙂

  12. Jessica Says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to get Elder Cook and Elder Anderson’s pages to load correctly. Are they still on the site?

    • Hi Jessica – Sorry I didn’t respond before Conference. I took an unplanned (not easy with six kids BTW!) trip to San Francisco the week before and including Conference! I am just now ALMOST recuperated and caught back up in my classes!
      I am not sure why they were not opening for you. They opened just fine for me tonight. I hope you were able to get them to work! If not, will you please let me know and I shall have to do some further digging to see what I can figure out. 🙂

  13. Andrea Says:

    These paper dolls are adorable! What a fun, different activity!

    • I am so happy you think so! I love them and they make for lots of smiles when we bust these out during General Conference. I have actually started allowing these to follow the littlest ones to church on occasion for a keeping-quiet activity. That has earned me a few extra parenting brownie points with my kids BTW. 🙂

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  15. Katy Says:

    This are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  16. jnewarner Says:

    Thank you SO SO much! I’m grateful you shared these so we can use them for our “little” hands. 🙂

  17. So happy I found your blog! One quick question. Maybe it’s my internet browser or something but I click on some of the links and they are duplicates. For example – Elder Bednar is Elder Nelson’s link. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Oh no! I’ll go look into it. That’s goofy and shouldn’t be happening. I’ll see what I can find out.

    • I just clicked through all the links and they all came up matched with their names for me. I’m sorry it’s being odd for you. 😦
      Hope it was a great Conference for you anyway! 🙂

      • Thanks for letting me know. I was on my desktop when I was having trouble. Now I’m on my cell phone and it worked smoothly. Thanks again!

      • Oh that’s good – and interesting. Sometimes tech glitches are odd. I’m glad it worked eventually for you though! 🙂

      • shesten Says:

        Happening for me too in Chrome on my laptop. SO weird! Thanks for these 🙂 I’m exicted to share them with my Toddler. The ones I can access anyway.

      • Weird is right! I have no idea what I’ve done wrong, but I guess I needed some homework today. LOL I’ll see what I can figure out. I hope your toddler has fun though!!! 🙂

      • Specifically Elders Bednar, Cook, and Christofferson load differently for me when I click the description rather than their names. If I click their names, they take me to the correct file. But if I click their description, Bednar = Nelson, Cook = Oakes, Christofferson = Ballard. Hope that helps 🙂 These are fantastic. I’m not sure if my other comment posted or not. But, thank you!! Also, I think that the pajamas are tastefully done. And that the apostles are men, who wear pajamas, and that it’s not disrespectful at all. If they were deities that we worshipped, then maybe it would be a different story, but I think this also helps humanize them, which is a good thing for boys and girls, to know that they are MEN who have chosen to serve God in this capacity. You rock. Thanks.

      • OK – that’s weird! I will totally look into that. And no – for some odd reason your earlier comment didn’t come through. I’m sorry. Thanks for letting me know the files are being goofy. And thanks for the comment about the PJs. I’m sure it’s silly, but a vote of support can be a wonderful thing, especially when there is room for the opposite. 🙂

        Enjoy Conference! 🙂

      • Ah ha! I found the issue! For some freaky reason – and no I have no idea why – there were double links on some of the files. There was one that was the right file and one that was to a different one. I have no idea how I pulled that off, but I THINK that it is all better now. If any one else has issues with funky weird links, please, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope everyone enjoys their Conference fun!!! I can’t wait!!!!!! 🙂

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  19. Hi everyone! I have felt that I need to spend my time on my family, my work, and some things I am doing for our PTA right now instead of doing any updating or adding this time around. I hope that what I already have will still be a blessing for some of you. To find all my General Conference-ish stuff, please follow the tag on any of those posts or simply use this link. Happy Conference everyone!!! 🙂


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