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Plain-o Jane-o Bing-o April 3, 2016

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I had an idea that I wanted to play with – it’s still in process – but as I worked on it I ended up creating a BINGO board template. This is a super simple template – no bells or whistles. I think it turned out pretty cute for an intentionally VERY basic template to work with. There is space at the top to put a topic or name, then the squares can be filled in on a computer or doodle your cutest doodles by hand. Or you can try what I am excited to try. BINGO Board bw (more…)


Rewarding Glad Hearts this Summer May 29, 2014

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20 FLRFYI am SOOO excited about these!!!

We don’t pay our kids an “allowance” ’round here. They have lots of jobs they can do to earn money and I post extra ones on our job board when there are special things they can do. But generally helping in our family is something that is expected without needing to be paid for it. It’s how I was raised and is something I wanted to continue with my kids because I feel like it helped me understand the need to help and to do it just because I love my family, not because I am getting paid for it.

While I was struggling to survive motherhood, nursing a baby, entrepreneurship, and going to school this past semester, our house was COMPLETELY falling into a pit of ridiculous messiness and simply becoming filthy dirty. Yes – I said FILTHY DIRTY. I mean, ewwwwww kind of dirty! We decided it was time for the kids to step up a bit (more…)


Choose the Right Way and Be Happy May 28, 2014

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I have tried DOZENS of different reward systems with my kids. It seems inevitable that each system and method falls apart eventually – usually when I start forgetting to support it. 😉 But, then we regroup and try something new, with fresh energy and dedication. It’s actually a cycle that, while frustrating beyond reason some of the time, I actually mostly enjoy.

Girl Choosing the Right Path Board PigtailsI love systems that help me focus on good behavior and right choices. I also love to reward kids for getting things done well. We’ve tried all sorts of reward charts and pom poms in a jar and pennies for positive choices and many many more. This summer we are coming back to one that I really loved and that was SUPER simple to remember and enforce (for good and bad). We call them “Choose the Right Path” boards. I had so much fun making these for my kids and they LOVE them!

Here is how they work at our house… (more…)


Thank Yous Popping Out All Over November 18, 2012

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I needed a SUPER fast and relatively inexpensive “Thank you” gift for a bunch of teachers.  I wanted to do something that was less candy-ish, but still cheap and cute and a bit cheesy (as I fully admit to liking cheesy lines to go with a gift).  I ended up deciding on Pop Corn.  I looked at Pinterest and even hit Google a bit, but didn’t find something quite as simple as I was hoping to find.  So, naturally, I made my own.  Here are the PDFs for a QUARTER sheet size, a HALF sheet size, and a FULL sheet size.

The note simply gets folded in half – between the words and the Pop Corn Box – and then folded over the edge of the wrapper for a bag of microwave popcorn.  That leaves the Pop Corn Box on one side of the pop corn and the words on the other side (hence why I let the words and the graphic face different directions).  Add a simple staple or a cute paper-clip and you’re done!  Like I said, this needed to be fast and easy tonight!  Five copies and a big ol’ box of microwave popcorn later, and I am ready to go!

If you need/want just the Pop Corn image, but without the words, just let me know and I am happy to oblige.

On that note, I do all of my graphics (at least ALMOST all of them) in Inkscape.  I am willing to put the SVG file on here if that is more useful, so that you can edit in whatever words you need (or look for a more “Pop Corn”-esque font – no time for that for me tonight).  I just don’t think most people deal with SVG files most of the time, so I never post those files.  I may be TOTALLY wrong on that though and would be happy to provide those files as well if it is helpful for people.  Drop me a comment and let me know!

As always, these files are provided by me for your non-commercial, personal use.  Thanks! 🙂


4th of July Fun! July 3, 2012

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So – I LOVE the 4th of July and I LOVE doing fun crafty projects with my kids.  Today I am posting my attempt to combine the two.  These are two activities that require cutting and glue or tape.  These are just for fun and my kids had a blast this morning making the Spirals and hanging them on strings from their bike handles, the ceiling fan blades (actually I did that hanging), or just dancing with them as they twirl in the breeze.  We are going to try the TP tube holders this afternoon and then fill them with those snap things that you throw on the ground and they pop.  Then we are taking their personal “firecrackers” with us to keep them busy making noise while we wait for fireworks to start tonight.  I hope you enjoy! (more…)


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